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Mickey mouse party decoration

Mickey mouse party decoration

Today I share a gallery with some incredible ideas of one of my favorite characters and I’m sure that many children and people more, Mickey Mouse is a character that over time continues to have its loyal followers and if you as a mom love this character, and more your children do not hesitate to celebrate a birthday with this theme as the main theme of your party.

It has many details which is a pro when it comes to decorating the event, since you have more options of everything that can be done to decorate it, the main thing is based on the range of colors that distinguish this character that are black, red and yellow.

The rest is a question of details, as for the centerpieces, decoration of the entrance where you can do many things with balloons, arrange the main table, ideas for cakes, candy and many other things that you can see in the gallery that I leave you down here, I hope you like all the ideas that I share with you and if you liked them do not hesitate to share them with someone else who likes this theme too.

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