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Ideas for a Mexican Party –

September is just around the corner and with it Las Fiestas Patrias… So get ready to be the Best Host.

In Mexico it is well known that during the month of September are celebrated different events concerning the independence of this country, and as good Mexicans, the way to do it is through a celebration, so today I decided to bring an original and fun ideas to celebrate the Mexican Festivals, where Glamour and Good Style will be present.

But not only that, if you are about to celebrate your Baby shower or even your Birthday, perhaps it is the perfect opportunity to incline for this subject, so do not hesitate to prepare an unforgettable Mexican night… The date is approaching and you have everything ready, he advised you not to stop reading that post so that you do not overlook any detail. Let’s see, everything we bring for you today:

  • Flowers of Mexican colors and candies:

ideas for a Mexican party

A very original idea to celebrate your Bachelorette Party in the purest Mexican style… All you need is brightly colored flowers, Mexican sweets and a very patriotic look.

ideas for a Mexican party

A very healthy and economic option to set up a dessert table with Fruit… It also looks very Mexican.

  • Photo frame… National Lottery!

ideas for a Mexican party

If there is something representative of Mexico, without a doubt it is the national lottery, so to create a frame for the photo of the memory with the cards of this original game, turns out to be very original.

ideas for a Mexican party

A Mexican taquiza cannot be absent from your Fiesta, besides being delicious, it is very representative of national dates.

ideas for a Mexican party

Don’t forget to include a drink bar, but this time very Mexican, as seen in the image.

ideas for a Mexican party

A very chic design, with a Mexican donkey, but with a lot of style.

  • Jars and Drinks:ideas for a Mexican party

A Mexican party without tequila is not Mexican at all, so don’t hesitate to include among your drinks a bottle and some jars for your guests to taste.

Now, you know…!Look stylish and very original in your next Fiestas Patrias!

Fountains: Pinterest.com/

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