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How to organize a baptism –

The purpose of this post is simply to serve as a structured guide for all those who have a Baptism in the near future, and who are taking on the task of seeking the information necessary to carry out the celebration. Here you will find everything you need to take into account for that important date, from basic concepts to the best ideas for decoration. In summary, it is intended that the ideas embodied in this post are a help at the time of the organization of a Baptism so that in this way there are no setbacks or forgetfulness and at the end of the day is a success.

What is baptism?

How to organize a Baptism

Souvenir ideas for guests

Decoration for Baptism

It is one of the sacraments of the Church, regardless of the individual’s faith. Usually associated with water, it is done by wetting the head or dipping into it.

The baptism is the presentation of the individual in the Christian life, for that reason a celebration is carried out with which it is possible to be grateful and to celebrate this act of faith.

Take a look at our decorative ideas below:

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  1. Choosing the right date should be taken with time, as the most common is to attend the place where the baptism will take place and the reception for the feast is usually somewhere else, such as an event room or the host’s house. In addition, since it is considered a very important event, we must try to coordinate dates and times of the people close to the baptized, so that all are present at the event and accompany the newly baptized.
  2. Choose the best godparents. They will be the second parents of the baptized, so it should be a good couple attached to the family and show love and affection for the baptized so that their functions such as guiding, supporting, advising, looking after the godchild are due and necessary. They are the people who are entrusted with the baptized and who should be with him throughout his life.
  3. Deliver invitations. For family and friends to share this special moment. Apply for them or do them yourself in time. Remember that sometimes there are setbacks, so that this does not happen to you do as soon as you have confirmed the date, time and reception.
  4. To buy and to measure the clothes to the baptized one. Traditionally, the godparents are in charge of the clothing, which must be light colors, such as white, beige or pearl. Although there are special cases where christening clothes are passed from generation to generation within the same family, and thus adds sentimental value.
  5. The food for the guests. Take into account the number of guests so that the portions are appropriate and do not forget to prepare an extra percentage of food so that no one is left without eating.

To give to the guests who seem to you these beautiful memories as a thank you:

Do not forget that the moment deserves a beautiful celebration and that the decoration is an essential part, so I want to show you some ideas to take into account that beautiful day you have waited so long.

I hope that these ideas will be useful to you and that you will be able to rely on them to organize your baptism.

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