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First Communion decoration

First Communion decoration

If one of your children is about to make his first communion, I leave you some incredible ideas that I’m sure you’re going to love about the decoration of the event, normally it is not used to make a party of this celebration but lately it has seen more, so if you are one of those who celebrate this, I leave you these ideas.

It is an incredible option to spend time with your family, since it is something more private but not for that reason it has to pass unnoticed, that is why I recommend that the guests are your closest relatives and it is a more intimate celebration, the details I recommend that they are simple and the base colors to decorate in case of children are in blue with another tonality and for girl in pink with clear tones are ideal.

Here in the gallery below I leave you many more ideas to decorate anything in the celebration, centerpieces, general decoration of the room or the place where it will be, main table, souvenirs, etc.

I hope you like all the ideas I shared with you, don’t hesitate to share them with someone else who might be interested in the subject or this one for celebrating a first communion.

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