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Cakes for children’s party minnie mouse

Today I want to share with all of you a very nice theme that I’m sure more than one will love, these are cake designs for children’s party minnie mouse, a character known by everyone and loved too, if you have daughters you will understand me, is a perfect theme to celebrate a birthday of a girl, can be perfect for girls under 5 years, is a character with many details that can make your party a unique occasion with the help of decoration, so I hope you like our proposals.

Cake designs for children’s parties 2017

The main colors of this character are red and black, but year after year changes have been made adapting to the colors that the person in charge of organizing the party chooses, as they can combine pink with black, pink with white, pink with gold and many more, you choose. As for the cakes, you can also have them decorated with the base colors you have chosen. I recommend that you make budgets in different places or pastries to keep the one that suits you best. In all the places you can personalize your cake putting the name of the celebrated one, the years that it fulfills and to add all the decorations to him that you ask for.

I invite you to look at our gallery below to see all the different options you have to choose the ideal cake for your daughter’s birthday party, don’t forget to order for the people you occupy or you can run out of cake for some people, I hope you like very much the designs of the cakes I found and don’t forget that you can share this gallery with family and friends whom you think might be interested in the subject.

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