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Beautiful baby shower cakes

Beautiful baby shower cakes

On this occasion I want to share some really beautiful ideas, of how you can choose the cake for your son or daughter’s baby shower, whatever you are waiting for, I tried to share the best ones I found, I hope they are to your liking.

When it comes to choosing the cake for the Baby Shower party, this task becomes completely difficult, as we don’t know whether to choose a giant cake or simply a small one. While we must take into account the number of guests we will have at the party to choose the cake we must also take into account our financial situation and how far we can afford a Baby Shower cake.

First you should calculate a portion of cake per guest and add about ten more portions in case some of them want to eat again, this calculation will give you a good idea of what size cake to choose. Second, the decoration is very important, here we have shared a gallery of images with decoration of simple cakes and different sizes.

If the cake has several layers you can combine tastes by placing one filling per layer, but in case you choose a small single layer cake it is recommended that you opt for a classic filling that will suit all guests.

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