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Baby shower blue with gold

Baby shower blue with gold

Today I want to share with you a fantastic theme for baby showers, whatever the sex of the baby but in the example I bring to share with you today the theme is more focused on the child. Since it is blue with gold, but if you are waiting for a girl you can combine pink with gold and it will look amazing, I hope you like the proposals a lot.

The whole gallery is from one event, which I think is a better way to know how you can add the details in these colors to your baby shower if you like the idea, in this event the main colors you look at them from any side, from the invitations, which can be customized, the plates for the food, the centerpieces, one of the main details which is the dessert table, add many details with these colors and it looks beautiful.

So I leave you with the gallery so you can see everything you can do with this theme as inspiration, I hope you like the ideas a lot, and that you can put them into practice in your baby shower, remember that you can share this gallery with family and friends who you think might be interested in the theme.

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