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The 11 best sympathisers of Ano Novo

The 11 best sympathies of Ano Novo - simple and powerful!

The turn of the year is the opportunity that many people find to put extra faith in certain beliefs and superstitions in order to attract all the best for the next year. In addition to already known rituals to renew energies, there are specific sympathies to attract love, money and even a new job, for example. As there are many of them, it is not always easy to choose just one. That is why the unCOMO researches and selects he 11 best sympathisers of Ano Novo.

Sympathy of Ano Novo for or love

Fitinha na calcinha

To channel your best energies in order to achieve a novo love in the following year, preferably dress with new headwear and tie up a red plant on the side of the head. Also, if you are a fan of the socks for the following year’s desires, bet on pink for love and vermelho for paixão.

For all colours, please contact us. what to wear not Ano Novo.

Nome na sola do sapato

If you already know someone’s name, write it down seven times in the sola do sapato left or right on paper and keep it inside the shoe. In the turn of the year, beat this foot in the boy 7 times and repeat the name of the beloved during each step.

Banho de rosas

Prepare a water with red rose petals and some drops of your favorite perfume. Then, after taking the last bath of the year, finish with this fish water for low.

Sympathy gives grapes for love

In addition to farturaThere are also sympathies with the grapes that we promise to love and be loved. Pray to the legend that it is necessary to eat three grapes, keep the seeds, write your name and your name on a piece of paper and keep it in a cloth bag. Then, you just have to adjust the bag to fit the traveller for 13 days and always send good vibrations before sleeping. After two weeks, put the bag in your bag and carry it with you.

Sympathy for money in the book

Seeds or leaf of gold in the book

Despite the many bets and expectations on the mega tacking seine, one of the most popular and simple sympathies of the New Year gives the hope of bringing money for the year ahead. We’re talking about the 12 grape jellies or the ROMANCE SEASONS.

No dia da virada, coma 12 grapes or suck on 12 rosy balls and don’t discard the seeds. Put them in a rag bag and keep them in your wallet to guarantee money next year.

If you don’t have grapes or roses in your plant, you can replace the seeds in your letter with a louro leaf. You just have to keep the pussy inside the card for the rest of the year.

The grapes, the rosemary and the gold are symbols of fartura in the traditions of Ano Novo, as well as the lentil. To include lentilha in your recipe and be informed about all the good things it can do for you in the turn of the year, we suggest the following article how to eat lentilha no Ano Novo.

Dinheiro not bag

In addition to the book, there is a superstition that says that the important thing is not to turn with the empty bags. Therefore, have at least a little money in your pocket to represent the economic prosperity in the year you see in front of you.

Sympathy for fast money

Comply with currency

A sympathy of Ano Novo that promises to bring quick money is to fulfill the people with a moeda na mão. According to those who believe in the tradition, the secret is to fulfill the person with the same safe currency. Giving the currency or not to the other is optional.

Foam roll

There is also the superstition that the role of the most boisterous sparkling wine when opened must be hidden by those who want to earn money quickly.

Light a candle

Buy a new white or golden candle, write the word ‘money’ on a piece of paper and place the candle on top of it. When it’s time to go up, think about that desire and let the sail go during the tack of the year. This sympathy also applies to other wishes!

Sympathy to get a job in the turn of the year

Going up a life

Some traditions say that to spend the turn of the year a degraze above attracts climbs in life, being able to be professionals. To put this into practice, all you have to do is climb a grade, a chain or whatever is most convenient. The important thing is to be one step above the previous moment.

To travel muito

Spend the turn of the year following your passport or badge. There are still those who recommend passing the turn carrying the bad one by the glass.

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