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Cake Decorated with Fruits Beautiful Cover

Fruit Decorated Cake for different occasions and 54 ideas for you to make!

Party without cake is not party, right? There must be at least one to cheer the guests and beautify the table, be it the birthday, baptism, wedding, graduation celebration, among other special occasions. And when we talk about modern recipes, the one that is most in fashion is that of cake decorated with fruit. The inspiration is, at first, comes from Europe, but currently we have seen a lot of the “naked cake” style, or in Portuguese, “peeled cake”, whose dough is not completely covered with frosting and can have fruits, chocolate, whipped cream and others ingredients for decorating.

Cake Decorated with Fruits Beautiful Cover

In this post we brought you several ideas to help you choose the best kind of fruit cake for the next event. There are cakes decorated with red, yellow, green fruits, and mixed with other delicacies to make the look beautiful and taste amazing. How about getting to know? Follow the post and don’t miss any tips!

Cake Decorated with Type Fruits

Fruit Decorated Cake Ideas, Templates and Photos

With red fruits

Red fruits are, perhaps, the most requested to compose a cake decorated with fruits. They leave the sweet very delicate and creative, in addition to being super tasty, as they can combine with many other types of ingredients such as whipped cream, Confectioner Cream, coconut, white or milk chocolate, among others.

In this way, you can learn to make the ideal mixtures between filling and topping and use the berries to decorate. For those who don’t know, the red fruits are: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, watermelon and acerola. Of course, you don’t need to choose all of these to decorate your cake, however, it is recommended that you have at least two options to give more grace to the final result.

Cake Decorated with Sugar Fruits and Red Fruits

Any kind of cake goes with a red fruit decoration. You can bet on a peeled cake, as we speak, just like the picture above, for example. So, when decorating you can use the fruits on the sides, on each bed and also on top of the delicacy. Also, you can splash icing sugar and leave the cake looking professional.

Traditional cakes also look great with berries and tend to be easier to make. The format doesn’t matter, it can be square, round, heart, among others, but what will really matter is the chosen filling and topping.

You can choose a dulce de leche filling, white cream with red fruits, coconut, de vanilla, of some fruit mousse or chocolate, of Nutella, by brigadeiro, finally, there are many ideas that can be invested and that match the fruits in question. Strawberry is the red fruit that is easiest to be found in Brazil and that stands out the most among cake recipes, however, it has a time to appear.

We’ve selected many photos for you to make your mouth water and write down your inspirations!

Cake Decorated with Sugar FruitCake Decorated with Caramel Fruits

Cake Decorated with Fruit Peeled CakeCake decorated with white fruitCake Decorated with Different Fruits I sayCake Decorated with Chocolate FruitsDelicate Fruit Decorated CakeCake Decorated with Fruits and ChocolateCake Decorated with Raspberry FruitsCake Decorated with Red Fruits tipCake Decorated with Red Fruits and ChocolateCake Decorated with Red Strawberry Fruits

with whipped cream

Whipped cream is a very old complement to cakes that always works, in addition to being much loved. Its flavor is unmistakable and helps to give a creaminess, which is not achieved when we opt for American pasta, for example. The good thing about this product is that we can use it both in the topping and filling, as well as in the decoration, and the good news is that it combines a lot with any type of fruit.

Fruit Decorated Cake with Whipped Cream Topping

if you want to make a cake decorated with fruit with whipped cream to enhance the final result, search for the best ready-made cream, if that’s your idea, or how to make your own at home. There are many brands that offer whipped cream without much consistency, which can affect the presentation of the cake. That’s why it’s important that it be of quality.

We selected a video that teaches you how to make homemade whipped cream to proceed with your recipe. It’s pretty easy, see:

As the whipped cream is white, in its natural color, of course, it is also very versatile. That is, it combines with red, yellow, purple fruits, among others. You can cover your cake with this mixture or make designs with the help of an applicator.

In case it is a naked cake, you can invest in whipped cream in the middle of it, between the layers – remembering that this type of cake can have a single layer or several! Also, you can dilute it to make it creamier and cover part of your peeled cake and finish decorating with the fruit. It looks beautiful!

Don’t miss the models of cakes decorated with fruit that we have separated and brought here, see:

Cake Decorated with Whipped Cream Fruit

Cake decorated with fruit and whipped cream topping

Cake Decorated with Fruits and Whipped Cream

Cake Decorated with Fruit Meringue

Cake decorated with very whipped fruit

Cake Decorated with Fruits with lots of whipped cream

Cake Decorated with Whipped Cream and Tubes

Cake Decorated with Whipped Fruit, Lots of Fruit

Cake Decorated with Whipped Fruit

Cake Decorated with Fruits with Whipped Cream

With chocolate

Hmm, chocolate. Who doesn’t like a cake with this delight? Well, there are those who aren’t very close, but we can’t deny that he is one of the most in-demand at any kind of party. Like whipped cream, chocolate goes well with any type of fruit, however, those that are acidic like pineapple, for example, can be better with white creams.

Red fruits, which we discussed two topics ago, are the darlings of the moment to pair with milk chocolate. You can make this combination so much for traditional cakes, with layers or not, stuffed or not, peeled cakes, rolls, cupcakes, iced cakes, among other ideas.

Cake Decorated with Fruit Cake Mousse

you can use chocolate both for decorating and for stuffing. The dough, however, can be the flavor you want, but if it is chocolate too, you can dose the flavors to leave the result well balanced. That’s because milk chocolate tends to be very sweet, and then it’s a case of ordering a kinda bitter or one that is not so strong.

In addition to black, which is very passionate, you can invest in a cake decorated with fruit + white chocolate. Strawberries are the best fit for this idea, which can be put into practice in many ways. You can put chocolate chips, pieces on top or sides, among others.

Check out now the photos of beautiful and delicious cakes with chocolate and fruit:

Cake Decorated with Fruit Chocolate Peeled CakeCake decorated with white fruitCake Decorated with Layered FruitsCake Decorated with Chocolate FruitCake decorated with white chocolate fruitCake Decorated with Chocolate FruitsCake Decorated with Chocolate FruitsCake Decorated with Heart FruitsCake Decorated with Chocolate FruitsCake Decorated With Fruit Kit KatCake Decorated with Very Chocolate FruitsCake Decorated with Nude Chocolate Fruit CakeCake Decorated with Sliced ​​FruitsCake Decorated with Fruits Christmas Tree

With flowers

A cake decorated with fruits and flowers it has the face of romantic events like weddings and engagements. This union of two natural elements makes the cake natural and visually beautiful, you have to know more about this idea and consider investing in the next occasion.

Lately it has become a rage to offer wedding cakes without the frosting, naked cake models. The trend really took hold both abroad and in Brazil and many brides already want this model for the party to become more feminine and Provençal. If you’re getting married soon, see your baker if she makes this kind of cake, you won’t regret it!

Wedding Cake Decorated with Fruits

There are flowers that are edible and others that are placed just to decorate. The ideal is that you choose models that can stay on top of your cake for a few hours without withering or becoming ugly, and even those with the colors of the rest of the decoration. Try to create a beautiful contrast between the chosen species and the fruits.

They can be pink, white, yellow, you will define. One idea is to choose the same shade as your bouquet, how about that? Well, that’s if you choose for your wedding, but there are many other occasions that look amazing with a cake decorated with fruits and flowers, such as farewell parties, silver or gold weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc.

Well, now enough of lero lero, let’s meet several wonderful models of cakes that combine flowers and fruits!

Cake Decorated with Fruits with Purple FlowersCake Decorated with Fruits and FlowersCake Decorated with Fruits and RosesCake Decorated with Fruit DecorCake Decorated with Fruits and FlowersCake Decorated with Fruits and FlowersCake Decorated with Fruits and FlowersCake Decorated with Floral FruitsCake Decorated with Fruit Rose FlowersCake Decorated with Nude Cake Fruit

Wow, who got their mouth watering around? Just preparing this post for you makes us want to try several of these. One cake decorated with fruit goes great with cool seasons, like spring and summer, if you are preparing a party, consider this factor. Many of the fruits that look great on cakes are found all year round in specialty stores, however, you need to check their stock so that your recipe works 100% and you don’t need to use a plan B. Now let’s go to the kitchen? Kisses!

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