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Decorate the door of your house with Christmas crowns

We love the Christmas decoration. Not only the Christmas trees and cribs, but also the garlands and the decoration on your door. Crowns are usually used, an item that you can buy or make yourself at home. While it is true that those with Christmas balls are the favorites, there are endless different options for all tastes. That’s what we’ll talk about in this article, we’ll give you some. ideas to decorate the door of your house with Christmas crowns.

Decorate the door of your house with Christmas crowns

You can opt for the more traditional crowns or mark yourself something different, with minimalist crowns or those that use unconventional elements. And much better if you dare make your own Christmas wreaths. Look at the following proposals and then tell us which one you like the most…

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Christmas wreaths of oranges and cinnamon

Oranges and cinnamon are aromatic, but they are also very attractive. Mixing your wreath with them can give you the opportunity to create a seasonal Christmas wreath that is very different from what you normally see out there. Use also pineapples and green branches, so that they can contrast with the orange colors.

Christmas crown with oranges and cinnamon

Christmas wreaths with pineapples and red fruits

Red is one of the traditional Christmas colours. Pineapples are also an essential element for decoration at this time of year. Why not create a Christmas wreath that unites the two? You can use country pineapples and replace the green parts with red fruits, either real or imitation. The contrast will be evident, and the Christmas touch of the most original.

Christmas crown with pineapples and red fruits

Christmas wreaths with light

If you want to surprise your visitors more than ever, put in a little extra imagination. The simplest crowns, with simple pine branches, can look very different if we use lights. Roll up a LED strip light and make your front door shine brighter than ever.

Christmas wreath with garlands of LED lights

Winter Christmas wreath

The brown tones of the pineapple may be increased by the use of other winter fruits, e.g. acorns. Use a solid base to glue a lot of dried acorns and pineapples and place the result on the front door of the house. As you can see, decorating your front door with Christmas crowns can be more interesting than you thought.

Winter Christmas wreath

Decorate the door of your house with golden Christmas crowns

The red, as we have commented, is a 100% Christmas color. However, it is not the only one. The gold, for example, follows very closely. A few days ago we shared an article with ideas for decorate Christmas in gold. Thus, it would be a fantastic idea to bathe the pine cones of your Christmas crown in a light layer of gold. It will get very glamorous dyes, and it will also keep much better from one year to the next.

Christmas wreath in gold

A minimalist Christmas wreath

There is no need to place a bulky crown on your door. It’s possible that you, what you like, is the minimalist decoration. You could create a crown with just a wire. A circumference (or any other shape) that you can then decorate with small touches of green.

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