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▷ Rustic Christmas decoration. Ideas for Christmas 2018.

If you wish this year to give a country air inspired by nature, you should opt for a rustic Christmas decoration. It is one of the most appreciated decorative trends and never goes out of fashion.

Rustic Christmas decoration

Here we show you the main characteristics of the rustic decorationnatural materials, colors, decoration of the table, the Christmas tree for your home to wear its best gowns at this time of year.

Neutral colours for a rustic Christmas decoration

The traditional Christmas colours are usually green, red, silver, gold and white. When it comes to decorating a rustic Christmas, you have to focus on neutral colors. Beige, grey, brown, white, even black has a place. These colors are mainly used in carpets, blankets, Christmas decorations for the tree… If you want to give a touch of color add some cushion or decorative detail in shades of orange, yellow, rosewood, for example.

Rustic Christmas decoration

To give the atmosphere, a special and festive touch bets on the golden tones (this year is trend in Christmas decoration) combined with white. It is necessary to avoid overloading the decoration, since the rustic style is characterized by creating natural environments.

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Christmas decoration in white, wood and gold

100% rustic Christmas decoration: warm and cosy fabrics

Warm, fluffy and fluffy fabrics will be the right choice to make you feel comfortable during the Christmas holidays. Use natural fabrics such as wool knitwear for cushions and blankets that imitate sheep hair, which will provide extra warmth and well-being.

Large Christmas tree with red and white decorations

Rustic Christmas decorations

Bet on ornaments and complements that remind you of life in the countryside, where wood has a special protagonism. This natural and noble material conveys a warm feeling. That’s why it combines wonderfully well with a rustic Christmas decoration.

Rustic Christmas decorations

Details for a rustic Christmas style

All the elements that transmit us a rural air will be welcome in a rural environment. rustic Christmas decoration.

Rustic Christmas decorations

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