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▷ Personalized Christmas balls. DIY Christmas spheres.

We know how much the Christmas decoration to our readers. And we realize this because the social networking publications we make with Christmas ideas break records in reach, reactions and comments. Well, now let’s get to the subject of this article, and the idea is to offer you some ideas to decorate with Personalized Christmas ballsor in other words, the same thing, homemade Christmas balls or customized. So if you like the Christmas decoration DIYyou’ll love what follows.

Christmas spheres DIY

As these dates approach, the madness of buy Christmas decorations and everything you need to decorate our home for the holidays. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to share a few ideas to economize on Christmas decorationsat the same time that we give a special and personal touch to our home. And that’s because the DIY Christmas decorations (made by yourself) have that charm that brings the warmth that these holidays need.

Personalized glass Christmas balls with melted crayons

It is true that crystal Christmas spheres are not exactly the cheapest, but we cannot resist their charm. Maybe there are those who have these crystal spheres from previous years. Well, the idea is to introduce crayon scratches into the crayons. You can do this with a pencil sharpener, a cutter, or a potato peeler, as shown in the following images. The next step is to use a hair dryer to melt the pieces of crayons. The result is very nice, as you can see.

Grated crayons to personalize glass Christmas balls

Project crystal Christmas balls personalized with crayons

Personalized glass Christmas spheres with melted crayons

It is true that in the market there are Christmas balls transparent plastic, probably more economical. We recommend not to use those for this project, because they probably do not resist the heat of the dryer.

Personalized Christmas balls with fabric

This proposal is one of the cheapest. It’s about reuse Christmas balls from other years. It’s ideal for the older ones, those that are almost colorless. The idea is lining Christmas spheres with pieces of cloth. The more rustic the fabric, the better. The burlap, for example, is ideal for this. Although it’s really a matter of taste. The truth is that there are no rules and you can do it with whatever you have at hand. You can give him the detail with a button, pearls or a ribbon. That is, if what you’re looking for is a rustic Christmas decorationYou can be sure that this simple and inexpensive project is for you. Want more ideas for personalized Christmas balls? Keep reading!

Christmas balls lined with burlap cloth

Christmas balls lined in fabric

Christmas spheres lined with rustic fabric

Homemade Christmas balls made with expanded polystyrene spheres

While this proposal may appear to be the same as the previous one, we must say that it is not. In this case it’s about make your own Christmas balls but starting from the typical spheres of polystyrene or porespan (names by which we usually know expanded polystyrene). How do we make our own homemade Christmas balls? Well, by lining them with fabrics printed with Christmas motifs or with the classic christmas colours, red and green.

It is a project of Sew Easier and Smaller Numeritoa very interesting Youtube channel that we love, where we found many video tutorials with ideas to decorate Christmas with little money.

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