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▷ Original nativity scenes for Christmas. Original Nativity Scenes.

During these days we were seeing many ideas to decorate the Christmas tree, but if there is a true protagonist of these holidays is not the tree but the Crib or Bethlehem. For this article we have had the help of the association of experts in Christmas cribs, belenistas.eswho have guided us a little bit about the trends in Christmas Nativity Scenes or Nativities. And is that this is an indispensable piece in any Christmas decoration (in many countries this scene is literally called “birth”). In fact, on this Christian feast, we celebrate, precisely, the Birth of Jesus. This scene of Mary, Joseph and the Child Jesus is often accompanied by the Magi. The idea of this article is to share ideas of original nativity scenes for Christmasfor those who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Original Nativity Scenes for Christmas

Here are some of them ideas for original cribscribs or nativity scenes. For those who are a little tired of the typical births we’ve seen since we’ve had use of reason. Some time ago we shared ideas for alternative Christmas treesand this time it’s the turn of the births.

Handcrafted nativity scenes carved and painted in stone

For the more “handyman,” these original nativity scenes for Christmas can serve as inspiration. And for those who don’t have skills for the handicrafts not to despair, because in fact, most of these proposals are from artisans who offer their services in online shops like Etsy.com, for example, and at a great price! In fact, it is very common for craft fairs to be held in most cities around this time of year, where you will probably find handcrafted nativity scenes at a good price.

Original cribs made on stone

If you like minimalism, these Christmas cribs made of stone you’ll love. They’re so simple and elegant at the same time. They are carved stones and then delineated with ink. They are true works of art! What do you think of them?

Nativity made on stone

Original cribs carved in stone

Original Christmas cribs made with pots

We loved this manger made with small pots, the typical clay pots, those brick colored, burlap fabric and other elements. Very nice, super economical and, above all, original! Want more ideas of original nativity scenes for Christmas? Keep reading, there’s more…

Original Christmas crib made with pots

Original cribs made with crochet

And what can we say about this crib made completely crochet or crochet. For those who know the crochet weaving technique, it will surely inspire you. And for those who don’t, you know, fortunately there are artisans who do these wonders. Some time ago we published an article where we talked, precisely, about Christmas decorations made with crochetwhere you can see more proposals…

Cribs made with crochet

Nativity scenes made with fabric

If you have a sewing machine and know how to use it (important detail), you will surely love these proposals. The first example is a birth of Jesus made of fabric, more precisely of plush. The result is a beautiful Bethlehem in two dimensions. The truth is an alternative to consider.

Crib with felt in two dimensions

The second and third proposals are originals crib made of felt. One to hang, and very nice by the way, and the next ideal to place at the base of our Christmas tree.

Pendant Nativity made with felt

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