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▷ New Christmas Catalogue El Corte Inglés 2018-2019

The Christmas celebrations bring with them unforgettable moments surrounded by our loved ones. Decoration plays an important role in creating a warm and comfortable climate. The new Christmas catalogue El Corte Inglés offers you a great variety of articles to decorate your home and to shine with your own style.

El Corte Inglés Christmas Catalogue

“The illusion of decorating” is the motto of El Corte Inglés’ new 2018 Christmas catalogue. In it you will find several collections of Christmas decorations to choose the one that best suits your tastes. They are organized by colors and materials to create environments full of harmony and warmth. And have you already armed your Christmas decoration?

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Traditional Christmas Decoration

In this collection, the choice is for a traditional Christmas decorationwhere the main colours are red and green. In it you will find beautiful adornments, endearing details and fantastic characters of Christmas stories.

Christmas decoration by El Corte Inglés

In this traditional Christmas decoration has opted for classic Christmas prints in red and green tones. You will find beautiful ornaments such as Christmas crownsAmerican cribs…

Items to decorate Christmas

The Christmas tree is decorated with classic ornaments: balls, stars, ribbons, etc… In addition, a simple lighting of a single shade is chosen.

Classic Christmas decorations

The Christmas table shines in all its splendor. This collection from El Corte Inglés’ new 2018 Christmas catalogue recreates an atmosphere inspired by classic Christmas stories. It emphasizes the crockery of earthenware, golden cutlery and typical Christmas prints. It is predominantly red combined with gold, white and green.

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Rustic Christmas

El Corte Inglés’ new 2018 Christmas catalogue uses rustic style to dress your home and give it an air of freshness and nature. Ceramic elements and adornments in wood and wool stand out.

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Rustic Christmas decoration

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