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β–· Homemade Christmas decorations. Christmas crafts.

The Christmas it’s a good time to put our hands to work. And no, it’s not just about making delicious dishes for all our guests. We can also get right into this thing of doing homemade Christmas decorationsWhat do you think of the idea?

Homemade Christmas decorations

In today’s article we will share some ideas of homemade Christmas decorations for decorate the house for New Year’s Eve parties. From tree decorations to centerpieces or small details to decorate any room in our home.

Christmas decoration with paper

The simplest thing, the paper. We all have paper at home. Gift wrapping paper, cardboard and even old magazines. On the one hand, with cardboard rigid enough, we can create beautiful Christmas trees. All we have to do is wallpaper those cartons with gift wrap paper that we have in storage. In this way we could get a nice centerpiece for the dining room table or for that auxiliary table at the entrance to the house.

Homemade Christmas decorations with paper

Another option, which we particularly love, is to use old magazines. Decorating with lyrics has never been so simple and beautiful. Trim leaves and create all kinds of ornaments, from pretty stars, hearts or even more complicated figures like reindeer. If you want these decorations to be a little more rigid, you can do as with trees, use a cardboard base and then line it with magazine paper.

Christmas decorations with magazine paper

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DIY Christmas decorations with cork

Cork is another of those materials that lends itself to the DIY world. On the one hand, you can take small sheets of cork and make beautiful decorative pieces. A snow glove, a hat or boots and a sweater. Decorate them with white or silver paint. They will serve you for a lot of things, from a garland to the decoration of your clothes. Christmas gifts.

Christmas decorations with cork

On the other hand, the corks of the wine bottles can also come in handy. On this occasion, you will also need the typical pine cones of a fir or pine tree. The cork will function as a trunk, the pineapple, painted green, will be the top of this particular Christmas tree. Don’t forget to crown them with a pretty star.

Homemade Christmas decorations with wine corks

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Homemade Christmas decoration with clothes pegs

If there is something we all have at home that we probably don’t know how to use (apart from conventional use), it’s the clothes pegs. Well, with these tweezers we can do a lot of things. You can, for example, make a nice alternative Christmas wreath to decorate the door of your house. Don’t forget to paint them. You can make them with green color or with any other color that you like.

Christmas crown with clothes pegs

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