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▷ Christmas wreaths to decorate the entrance of house 2018-2019

Of all the elements with which we are accustomed decorate the house for New Year’s Eve parties, the Christmas wreaths have a special charm. We can buy them made, of course, but perhaps the charm lies in the fact that it is an element that is very simple to make with our own hands. Would you like to see some ideas of Christmas crowns What can you do yourself?

Christmas wreaths to decorate the entrance of the house

This makes the variety of Christmas wreaths enormous, ranging from the most classic to the most original. Here are some ideas for you to follow decorate with Christmas wreaths your house.

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Christmas wreaths with branches and flowers

These crowns look more like a centerpiece than a Christmas wreath. It’s not that they’re not pretty, quite the opposite. However, if we take a good look, they could be perfect to decorate the door of the house at any time of the year; and it is that they are not typical crowns nor have they the classic Christmas colours.

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Christmas wreaths with branches and flowers

Christmas wreaths made with branches and flowers

Christmas wreaths made of fabric

A very simple way of make Christmas wreaths is with remnants of fabric. The good thing is that with these remnants we will be able to include exactly the colors we want, mixing them without problems and hooking them in a more than simple way. As always, you have to have a structure, a round base to which to add all your adornments.

Wrap the crown in fabric remnants, with reds and whites to be in tune with Christmas. Then you can add other decorative elements, from ribbons to typical Christmas tree decorations.

Here you can see how to do 2 homemade Christmas crowns.

Christmas wreaths made of fabric

Christmas wreaths made of fabric

They are crowns that take rustic touches, because the structure itself is made with small dry branches. The rest is already decided depending on your tastes. Take elements from a dry floral center and place them around you. From long branches, short, dry leaves, flowers and a long etcetera.

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