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▷ Christmas Lights. Christmas decoration with lights.

We all like to decorate the house during the Christmas holidays so that it dazzles and enjoy pleasant evenings in the company of friends and family. Lighting plays an essential role in achieving a high quality of life. warm and festive atmosphere. In today’s article, we will focus on this very important point. Christmas lights.

Christmas Lights

Discover the possibilities offered by different types of Christmas lighting (lamps, lanterns, garlands, candles …) Play with them and create a magical atmosphere!

History of Christmas lights

What is the meaning of the lights in the Christmas decoration? Christmas lights have their origin in an 18th century German custom. Candles were placed on the tree to make it more attractive and different. Christmas decoration. Then it spread little by little until almost all the European countries followed this tradition.

In the twentieth century when electricity and thus light bulbs began to be used, Christmas lights were replacing candles. Nowadays the Christmas lights are very important not only inside the houses but also illuminate streets, buildings, facades of houses and shop windows. In addition, they have gone from being simple candles and light bulbs to being replaced by LED strip lights which guarantee greater durability and greater energy savings.

Christmas Lights

How to Light Up the House for Christmas

The ideal for lighting the house for Christmas is to find a balance between Christmas lights and general lighting. The key is to integrate it into the house decoration. Bet for warm and fixed lights (forget the blinking ones) and if they are LED Christmas lights much better, to save electricity. In addition, LED technology produces less heat.

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Christmas lighting

The illumination manages to transmit the Christmas spirit to any space in the house, from the entrance to the living room and the dining room. Avoid the kitchen and bedrooms and center the Christmas decoration in the living area and in the foyer.

The Christmas tree and the table are the two main focuses that will need more lighting, but don’t forget stairs, windows and fireplace. Alternating chandeliers, lanterns, candles and garlands can be a fantastic idea for light up your home for Christmas.

Windows with Christmas lights

Staircase decorated with Christmas candles

Star-shaped Christmas light garlands

Christmas lights for the table

Create a path of light with white, luminous garlands! During desserts or coffee, turn off the lights and only leave the Christmas garlands illuminated, this way you will get a warm and cozy atmosphere. What do you think of the proposal?

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