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▷ Christmas decoration with wooden boxes DIY Christmas.

We continue to share more ideas for decorating Christmas. If you haven’t started with the Christmas decorationThese proposals can come in handy. We thought it would be interesting to share some ideas for the Christmas decoration with wooden boxesWhat do you think? We have talked on several occasions about the possibilities of wooden boxes for decorationand the truth is that this resource can also be used for end of year decoration.

Christmas decoration with wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are not hard to come by. In fact the typical fruit boxes are ideal for this type of decoration. Of course, they are not always available in good condition. Still, the good news is you’ll be able buy wooden crates in decoration shops.

Christmas trees in wooden boxes

Decorate the base of the Christmas tree is very important. It is true that these Christmas pines come with their legs, but the truth is that they are not usually very decorative. The best thing is to invent a tree foot. We can use a wicker basket, a cloth sack or, why not, one of these wooden boxes. Here are some suggestions, even one of these boxes is more like a trunk. All these Christmas decorations have something in common, that rustic air that comes so well at this time of year.

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Christmas trees in wooden boxes

Christmas tree inside a wooden box

Christmas decoration with wooden boxes

Wooden box as a Christmas tree foot

Christmas centrepieces with wooden boxes

While the first thing is the Christmas tree decorationIt’s time to start brainstorming on decorate the table at the New Year’s Eve. The . Christmas centerpieces with wooden boxes are a real beauty. These are just a few ideas, we will soon share more:

Christmas centerpiece with wooden box, pineapples and branches

Centerpieces with wooden boxes for the Christmas table

DIY Christmas Centrepieces

Rustic Christmas centrepieces

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Christmas arrangements with recycled wooden boxes

Another option with these wooden boxes, especially the smaller ones, is to make our own home improvement. Yes, we can use bows, ribbons, garlands, pine cones, branches, garlands and basically any Christmas ornament we have on hand. Check out some ideas for Christmas arrangements with recycled wooden boxes:

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