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β–· Christmas centerpieces. Ideas for the Christmas table.

In Christmas we enjoy traditional family gatherings. One way of entertaining them is by giving them a special decoration to accompany the classic dinners and lunches of these so endearing dates. In today’s article we’ll give you ideas for Christmas centerpieces…

Christmas centerpieces

For such important dates it is necessary to add unique details so that they are the protagonists of the Christmas table. Choose carefully the essential elements: a beautiful tablecloth, a special crockery and glassware to obtain a fascinating decoration with you will enjoy unforgettable moments, and of course, a pretty one. centerpiece will give it that special touch.

Christmas centerpieces with flowers

For lovers of the natural decorationThe Christmas centerpieces with flowers will be a real hit. They look great and provide a great delicate and romantic touch to the environment!

Christmas centerpieces with flowers

Decant yourself for flowers and candles in white if what you are looking for in a elegant and sophisticated decoration.

Christmas centerpieces with white flowers

In order to welcome your guests, place one of the following on each plate mini Easter Flowerwill be a special detail that you’ll appreciate. You can obviously pick another flower if you don’t get this species.

Christmas table centerpiece with Easter flower

Another option to create a special and original decoration is to add Christmas centerpieces with candles and flowers of the same color. It should be borne in mind that the center should not exceed 30 cm in height, so as not to hinder visibility among diners, which would be a problem.

Christmas centerpieces with flowers

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Rustic Christmas centerpieces

Rustic decoration continues to be the trend in the creation of Christmas table centres. If you have time and you are a handyman you can realize fantastic decorations to decorate the table this holiday season. You will need a wooden support, some glass jars where you will introduce some small candles, all decorated with branches and red fruits.

Rustic Christmas table centerpiece DIY

We loved this beautiful table centerpiece of country style based on small tree trunks, pineapples, red berries:

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