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▷ +21 Christmas trees in baskets Christmas decoration.

The countdown has begun and that is why we are sharing many Christmas decoration ideas. We talked about the color trends for Christmas 21018We also show you the news of the Leroy Merlin Christmas 2018 catalogueas well as new developments in the Ikea Christmas 2018 collectionamong others. But surely you need more, you must be about to put together the Christmas decoration and for that you need inspiration. Would you like to get out of the everyday? Maybe you are interested in these proposals of Christmas trees in baskets.

Christmas trees in baskets

We found this very original and interesting decorate the base of the Christmas tree differentlywith baskets, either of wicker, as well as other materials that imitate the natural fibers. The truth is that the result is excellent, out of the ordinary, and it is not difficult to get a nice basket to use as a foot of our Christmas tree.

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Minimalist Christmas decoration

Some people love full color Christmas decorations, but not everyone likes them. Others, however, prefer the simplest of decorations. For example, we loved this Christmas tree in a basket where its only adornments are some spheres that imitate billiard balls, in addition, in the room we can see a seat of natural fibers, matching the base of the tree.

Baskets as a Christmas tree stand

Wicker baskets are very useful for getting a minimalist Christmas decoration. The fact is that they end up being the main element and, if you like, you won’t need many decorations. Here we have a couple more proposals, where we have reached the extreme of not putting any decorations on them:

Minimalist Christmas tree in a wicker basket

Christmas tree in basket without decoration

Christmas lights as the only decoration

Next, following a little bit with the minimalism, we have some beautiful Christmas trees in baskets where the only decoration is the streamers of lightWhat do you think?

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Christmas lights as the only decoration on the tree

Minimalist Christmas tree in a basket

Christmas decoration with wicker baskets

Colorful Christmas Trees

Generally we tend to believe that these types of objects and materials are rustic, but as we can see they go very well in modern and minimalist environments. Even if you are looking for a Christmas in full colorA wicker basket as a base for your tree will give it a special touch.

Christmas trees in baskets and decorations of many colors

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