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β–· 10 original ways to wrap gifts. Ideas to personalize gifts.

Everybody likes it. receive giftsbut there are also many of us who enjoy watching others open their own. Yes, these days gifts are a very important part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, especially for the little ones. If you’re thinking of getting a little out of the routine, here we bring you 10 original ways to wrap gifts.

Original Gift Wrapping Ways

A gift can begin to surprise you as soon as you see it, long before you open it. We’re just a little Three Kings Day and maybe you’re wondering?how to wrap gifts in an original way? Take a look at these 10 different proposals and keep the one you like best.

A sweet gift

Incorporating small details into our gift wrap can be very interesting. If we opt for the typical recycled paperwhich as we know has many advantages, you can add a contrast to something green. Some sprigs of rosemary, for example, to give it a smell. We can give him the sweet touch with a candy cane. I’m sure many can’t resist and will end up eating it first.

Wrap gifts in an original way

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Custom Stamps

It’s not the most DIY of all our proposals, but it’s certainly quite original. There are houses that make personalized stamps. In them you can incorporate Christmas decorations or any phrase you want. Maybe the typical “From me, for you” is more than enough. What is clear is that with this you create quite personalized gifts.

Personalized gift stamps

DIY Seals

It is possible to make personalized stamps with little money. Potatoes, for example. If you’re skilled with the knife, you could create a nice stamp to decorate the gift wrap. Undoubtedly a very original way to give it your own touch. Look at this option, in which there has been carved a Christmas tree and it has been drawn, with the help of black ink, all over the paper. You can carve anything you like, from a drawing to initials…

Stamps with potatoes to personalize gifts

Personalized gifts with pen

Anyone with good handwriting could try this. A neutral paper, like the typical brown paper, can be a white canvas to express us. Choose a nice marker or pen. There are some who even wear glitter. Then start drawing and writing. If you are not good at all this, bet on the templates, there are many on the Internet.

Personalized gifts with pen

Dried fruit for wrapping gifts

Dried fruits are widely used to create table centers. Now, you can also create beautiful ornaments for your gifts. An orange, for example, will preserve its fragrance and that color that stands out on a neutral paper. If you want, you can add some green sprouts, even some cinnamon twigs to give it more aroma.

Dried fruit for wrapping gifts

Original ways to wrap gifts: wrapping strips

The strips are easy to get. There’s a lot of stores. They are the typical decorative strips that many use to decorate Christmas trees. These same ones can serve us as a cord for wrapping gifts.

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