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iron man fantasy pictures

Children’s Iron Man Costume – Inspirations, Tips & Where to Buy!

Of Marvel’s charming characters, Iron Man is one of the most acclaimed in modern times. A little bit of fame is due to the actor Robert Downey Jr. Another reason for so much charm is that the fantasy iron man is very cool. It is a huge success with the kids and it is worth investing. Check out more below.

iron man fantasy picturesfantasy iron man for kids

Children’s Iron Man Fantasy Photos and Ideas

Sitting in his office or enjoying his wealth, we have tycoon Tony Stark. To defend the planet from evil beings, however, Stark brings to life a technologically advanced armor known as Iron Man. In Brazil, Iron Man is one of Marvel’s most successful characters in both comics and cinema.

Speaking of costume, the iron man costume may not be the easiest among the avengers. While the muscular Thor wears a red cape and Captain America in a tight red suit, the iron man costume is covering even the face. However, it is the most technological and the models with the light on the chest are really successful.

fantasy inflatable iron man

fantasy iron man for kids

The plastic iron man fantasy model would be the closest to the movie character. The red jumpsuit covers the arms and legs while plastic accessories make the shield and gloves to protect against blows.

This type of fantasy is very determinant according to the child’s body. The ideal is to take it with you or take the perfect measurements to ensure that you will dress very well and comfortably.

fancy plastic iron manfantasy iron man with helmet

Plastic helmet gives much more realism to the children’s iron man costume!

The iron man costume for children like macaquito is widely sold online and in costume stores. It consists of a full body piece to wear with a zip at the back. It goes up to the neck to be added a mask.

The advantage of this model is that it is more pleasant. The fabrics used with elastane make the movements easy. But depending on the fabric used it can get very hot.

For girls

Girls wearing fantasy iron man? Yea! The character in fact does not have its female version in the comics or in the movies. He has a partner, assistant Pepper who later becomes his wife.

Not having an Iron Lady, however, is not a problem to adapt the character’s look to beautiful looks for a children’s party. Red as the main color of the Iron Man outfit is very inviting for a tulle skirt and change the look to something much more feminine and cool.

fantasy iron man for girlfantasy iron man female

Learn about tulle, a top and the mask easily found online and in party products stores, make the Iron Man costume even more cool.

custom iron man costume for girls


Can’t you buy an iron man costume? Improvising is always possible and in some cases it is the first option for some people. You can create a nice look with some accessories at home and, of course, creativity.

Have you ever thought about a Spiderman balloon costume? It can take a bit of work to assemble but it is quite different!

custom iron man costume with balloons

Cardboard, color 7 paper or colored craft are excellent raw materials to create a simple iron man costume. Design templates help to create the mask to be attached with a small rubber band sold in clothing stores.

One way to use cardstock in a creative iron man costume is to create a mosaic. Join the sheets of colored paper and create a pair of pants, a shirt or a mask. Even gloves can be made this way.

fantasy paper iron man

Colored or painted cardboard can also be used for custom iron man costume. You can think of using other materials as well, such as plastic, packaging and everything you have colored at home.

fantasy iron man made of cardboard

With eva you can create all kinds of things, including a custom iron man costume. The eva can be glued into small pieces with hot glue to create a beautiful costume for a party. The look is much cheaper and the material is easy to find.

fantasy eva iron mancustom iron man costume for girls

Where to Buy: Store Tips and Prices

The cool thing about superhero costumes is the ease of finding them on the market all year round. They are sought in carnival but in other times for cosplays and this makes the value even more into account.

The value of an iron man costume really depends on how similar you want to be with the characters. Models of printed fabric and a mask can range from R $ 80 to R $ 200. Do you want a little more refinement? Keep the models with a light on the chest as the uniform used in the cinema for R $ 400 to R $ 500. Sites such as Mercado Livre, Ebay and Ali Express offer the product with varying prices.

For this type of product the ideal is to buy in stores specializing in costumes. The detail and refinement of your fantasy iron man will make all the difference in the final result.

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