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red hat cakes

Amazing Models That Will Enchant Your Party!

The stories in the books can always become a source of inspiration for the time we are planning our parties. Not only the decorations, but the invitations, party favors and, of course, the tastiest part of the party, the cake, should be part of the theme. We have separated several options of red bonnet cake so you have no more doubts and bet on this theme at your next party.

red hat cakes

Red Riding Hood Cake Photos and Ideas

The red hat cake can be adapted according to the style of your party. For example, you don’t need to bet only on red as a decoration, you can add green, blue and even pink!

Another detail is the characters. For children’s parties, Little Red Riding Hood and Bad Wolf can appear to decorate the cake, but at older children’s parties, you can leave them aside and decorate only with the elements, such as Little Hood’s food basket.


The simplest cakes are those that have only one base, that is, one floor. You can choose the most different types, like a naked cake or even one made with American paste.

red hat naked cake cake

In addition to the characters and the flag, the cake has flowers and fruits all around!

The decoration can be done with dolls that are part of the cake or that can be bought and placed on the base!

red bonnet brigadeiro cake

A simple chocolate cake can go into the theme with just the characters on top!

For simple American pasta cakes, bet on a smooth base, such as white or red, and leave the touches of color up to the characters!

little red white hat cake with little hat and big bad wolfwhite american paste red hat cakered american pasta red hat cakeamerican pasta red hat cake with big bad wolf in bed on top

This cake won the famous Lobo Mau scene with Chapeuzinho!

2 floors or more

Cakes with more than one floor are for those who want more details in the decoration. In addition to characters, you can add backgrounds like the forest with flowers and plants!

double-decker red hat cake with green shavings that resemble grass

This cake has gained green shavings to look like forest grass!

Each floor can be decorated and even a different color!

little red hat cake with a floor with tree trunk texture.

A floor gained the same texture as a tree trunk!

For younger children, you can choose cakes with more vibrant color tones such as blue and red.

three-tier red hat cake in blue and red

In addition to the lighter shade of blue, the Chapeuzinho on top, the flowers and the lace made the cake more childish and delicate.

Three-tiered red hat cake with food basket on top

This cake didn’t even win the main characters, it was only decorated with the little house, flowers and, of course, Chapeuzinho’s basket

Two-story red hat cake with white base and black drawings of the forest and the Wolf

Even with a white base, this cake is nothing simple with the drawings of the forest and Lobo!

With Whipped Cream / Glaze

Another way to bring texture to the cake is frosting. In addition to being a more affordable type of cake, it also makes it more fun and can be chosen in any color and even style!

little red frosting hat cakes

For those who want frosting all over the cake, you can choose red or even pink, for a more delicate model!

You can bet on whipped cream on the entire surface of the cake or just leave it on the details, such as decorative elements!

red hat cake with rice paper and frosting around

The whipped cream was just around the cake that was decorated with rice paper

three-tier red hat cake with a layer of whipped cream

The whipped cream can also be used to decorate only one of the cake’s layers.

red hat cake with a layer of whipped cream and an American paste

Of American Pasta

American paste is one of the best options for those who want to bring their creativity to life. You can decorate your cake any way you want, from the simplest models (with just one floor) to the most exquisite ones (with two or more floors).

american pasta cakes with white base

Cakes with more neutral bases, like the white one, can get the most different decorations from Little Red Riding Hood!

red american pasta red hat cake

Even in red, this cake was very discreet!

red hat cake with one layer in red and one layer in blue

You can bet on a decor with a more sketchy look or a more realistic one!

two-layer red hat cake with the little hat and the wolf in each layer

Fake / From EVA

For those who have a lot of ideas, but are on a small budget, you can bet on a scenographic cake that is, fake. And for guests to delight, you can choose a simpler model that doesn’t even need to be decorated.

fake red hat cake made with fabric

You can choose models that are decorated with patterned fabrics and then add characters to bring out the theme!

There are several possible materials to make the fake cake, from fabrics to the EVA itself.

little red hat cake EVAEVA little red hat cake fake red and blue cake

This model was only decorated with the colors of Chapeuzinho and the elements of the forest.

You can even choose models that deviate from the traditional, like a square-shaped one!

EVA little square red hat cake

How to Make Little Red Riding Hood Cake: Recipe & Step by Step

The red hat cake can be made at home using a recipe from Recipes da MΓ£e.

  • A package of tomboy’s foot, break or grind, but not too much to make it crunchy.
  • 800g of dulce de leche
  • 1l of condensed milk
  • 200g of roasted and ground peanuts

To start, mix the condensed milk with the roasted and ground peanuts, in a pan over the fire, until it loosens from the bottom. Then add to the dulce de leche and the peanuts in pieces, mix well and your filling is ready.

Cut the cake batter into five circles from largest to smallest. Once cold, take a small round board, put a little of the filling to hold the cake and then the larger dough. Then, add the filling, then the dough, and so on until you finish with the smaller dough.

To assemble the call to cake mortar, you need some crumbly cake and some stuffing, well mixed. With it, you will seal the cake by the sides so that it becomes like a cone.

For Little Red Riding Hood you will need a Barbie doll. For this, sanitize it and pass the film paper on the doll from the waist down. Then place the doll in the center of the cake, that is, in the middle of the cone.

Prepare royal icing or whipped cream (it’s your choice) and decorate her entire skirt. You can decorate the way you like, and your little red hood cake is ready!

icing cake with barbie as a little red hood

Photo Credit: By Mother’s Recipes / By Erika Aguiar

Your Little Red Riding Hood party will get a new face with these cakes!

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