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What does Taylor Swift's shirt say in you belong with me?

What does Taylor Swift’s shirt say in you belong with me?

Nine years after the release of the “You Belong with Me” music video, Swift recreated her iconic Junior Jewels shirt in her “Look What You Made Me Do” video. The updated shirt included names of her best friends, including “Blake & Ryan,” “Selena,” “Gigi,” “Lena” and more.

Hereof, Who is Taylor Swift’s ex boyfriend?

Table of exes

Name Dated
Jake Gyllenhaal October 2010 – December 2010
Conor Kennedy July 2012 – October 2012
Harry Styles December 2012 – January 2013
Calvin Harris March 2015 – June 2016

Accordingly, Who is Claire winter?

Claire Winter Kislinger is another original pre-squad friend. Claire Winter Kislinger, a jewelry designer, has been friends with Swift for years.

also Is Zac Efron dating Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift says Zac Efron is “awesome”

When asked if they’d dated โ€” or currently were dating โ€” both denied it. “We are not a couple,” Swift said, before adding, “He’s awesome. We are not a couple, though” (via Access Online).

Who did Taylor Swift date before Joe Alwyn?

Taylor Swift and John Mayer – 2009

Taylor and John, who had a 15-year age gap, started dating after working on a song together called ‘Half of My Heart’. The pair dated for a few months in 2009, never confirming their relationship, but all was revealed when Taylor released her emotional tune ‘Dear John’.

Did Taylor Swift date a Jonas? Swift and Jonas dated for a few months when they were both teenagers, even attending the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards as a couple. But just one month later, Jonas broke up with Swift in a 27-second phone call, according to the “Love Story” singer.

Are Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez still friends 2021?

With the two pop stars having so much history together, fans may wonder if Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are still friends in 2021. Everyone can rejoice because although they may be physically apart, they’re still as close as ever. … Fans were overjoyed to see the pair interacting again, even if it was just through IG.

Are Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift still friends?

Despite it seeming like a one-sided relationship from the fan’s point of view, it seems as though Swift and Sheeran are still friends. He even said that a re-recorded version of “Everything Has Changed” has already been recorded for the “Red (Taylor’s Version)” release in November (via Billboard).

Are Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez still friends?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are the ultimate BFFs, so we’re looking back at some of their key friendship moments, from how they met to all the adorable things they’ve said about each other. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been best friends for years and the singers never miss an opportunity to big each other up.

Can Zac Efron really sing?

The Neighbors star was proud to say his singing voice was actually used in The Greatest Showman. He explained that he and his co-stars pre-recorded some of the songs as a “skeleton track,” while other parts were sung live, in order to ensure the cadence and notes were on-point.

Who is Zac’s girlfriend?

All About Vanessa Valladares, Zac Efron’s ‘Serious’ Girlfriend He Dated for 10 Months.

Who all dated Taylor Swift?

A Full Rundown of Taylor Swift’s Hollywood Dating History

  • Joe Jonas. When: July 2008 โ€” October 2008. …
  • Lucas Till. When: March 2009 โ€” April 2009. …
  • Taylor Lautner. When: August 2009 โ€” December 2009. …
  • John Mayer. When: December 2009 โ€” February 2010. …
  • Jake Gyllenhaal. …
  • Conor Kennedy. …
  • Harry Styles. …
  • Calvin Harris.

Who is Joe Alwyn girlfriend?

Since 2016, Alwyn has been in a relationship with American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. He has been referenced in much of Swift’s music since 2016, including on her albums Reputation (2017), Lover (2019), Folklore and Evermore (both 2020).

Did Kendall dated Harry Styles?

Styles and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star were first linked in 2013 and sparked reconciliation rumors two years later when they got cozy on a yacht in Anguilla. They reunited at the 2019 Met Gala and again months later on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

How did Joe Alwyn meet Taylor Swift?

Taylor and Joe supposedly met at the 2016 Met Gala. Though neither one has confirmed this, and Taylor was still dating DJ Calvin Harris at the time, fans speculate that the couple met at the annual fetรฉ based on the lyrics to โ€œDressโ€ off Taylor’s 2017 album Reputation.

How long did Taylor Lautner date Taylor Swift?

Taylor Lautner

Following his three-month romance with Swift in 2009, Lautner moved on with his Abduction costar Lily Collins after meeting on the 2010 movie set. The pair split in September 2011. The actor started dating Marie Avgeropoulos in the summer of 2013, but the duo went their separate ways in January 2015.

Did Selena Gomez date a Jonas Brother?

Selena Gomez and Jonas began dating in 2008. She even appeared in the Jonas Brothers’ music video for โ€œBurnin’ Upโ€ that year. … The two split after a few months of dating in 2009 and briefly rekindled their relationship the following year before breaking things off again for good shortly after.

Who is Selena Gomez best friend?

Update 12/03/21: Selena Gomez Publicly Thanks Best Friend Francia Raisa Years After Life-Saving Kidney Donation. Almost four years since Selena Gomez revealed she received life-saving kidney transplant surgery, her best friend and donor, Francia Raisia, has decided to speak out about her generous decision.

Who is Ed Sheeran’s best friend?

Ed Sheeran Reveals How He Met Best Friend Courteney Cox.

How do Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran know each other?

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran started becoming close after he came to know that Taylor penned his lyrics on her arm during an American show in 2012. Ed had a quick meeting with Swift’s manager later that year, that ultimately brought the two artists close as friends. … The song featured on Taylor Swift’s 2012 album, Red.

What Ed Sheeran song is about Taylor Swift?

Don’t (Ed Sheeran song)

Length 3:42
Label Asylum Atlantic
Songwriter(s) Ed Sheeran Benjamin Levin
Producer(s) Rick Rubin Benny Blanco

Why did Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner break up?

Relationship with Selena

According to reports, the couple broke off their relationship before the summer even began because Taylor felt it best to be single for his career. Since that time, both actors have had nothing but positive things to say about each other.

Did Selena Gomez date Taylor Lautner?

Selena and Taylor met in Vancouver in 2009 while she was filming Ramona and Beezus and he was shooting Twilight: New Moon. Unfortunately, their young love didn’t last long. In the September 2009 issue of Seventeen, Selena confirmed their breakup, citing their lifestyles as the cause.

Who is more famous Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez?

Out of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, if you use social media followings as a measurement device, Ariana Grande is more popular. Their follower counts have a thin gap between them but Grande edges out Gomez slightly.

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