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How do you make a costume box?

How do you make a costume box?

  1. Reseal your open Boxed box with tape.
  2. Cut holes in your Boxed box for arms.*
  3. Cut one on top that would allow the wearer’s head to comfortably fit through.*
  4. Cut the entire bottom portion so the costume can be easily put on and taken off.*
  5. Glue the red cups to the front.
  6. Paint the box with any color you like.

Hereof, How do you use a cosplay cardboard?

Use hot glue to apply the pieces.

  1. Cover the whole prop with cardboard. With the levels in place, you can begin giving your prop shape by covering it with cardboard. …
  2. Apply Mod Podge. Mod Podge can most likely be purchased at your local craft store. …
  3. Apply paint. …
  4. Enjoy your new prop.



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