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Who hurt the narrator?

The narrator was under the impression that the country people were honest, simple, and helpful. Such impression made him gullible because he was easily be fooled by the hack driver who himself was Oliver Lutkins. The narrator was hurt when Lutkins and his mother laughed at him.

second, What injuries did the writer suffer?

Answer: He was flung overboard and found himself sinking below the waves. He thought death was approaching him and he lost consciousness. His daughter was hurt from the same explosion, she hurt her head, there was a big bump above her eyes..

subsequently, What happened when the author’s head smashed into the wheel?

Answer: B- He flew overboard sinking below the waves.

then What authors eat for breakfast? The author eat thick bread with butter for breakfast.

Why did author accept his approaching death?

Class 11 Question

The moment the great wave struck the ship, the author’s head struck the wheel and he almost lost conciousness and was washed overboard. He was sinking into oblivion and thought he would dead. Hence, he accepted his approaching death with peace and resignation.

Why did Authors hire two crewmen?

Answer:Before heading cast from Cape Town, the narrator employed two crewmen. They were Larry Vigil and Swiss Herb Seigler. They were to help them ‘to take one of the world’s roughest seas, the Southern Indian Ocean.

What made the grandmother unhappy about the author’s new school?

Answer: The author wents to English school In which they taught English words western science, Archimedes principle that made grademother unhappy. She was dissapointed that in English school there was no teaching about God and scriptures.So these made grandmother unhappy.

Why did the author accept his approaching death a pirates had attacked the ship B because he was injured by the explosion c he was thrown in the sea d he was stabbed?

The moment the great wave struck the ship, the author’s head struck the wheel and he almost lost conciousness and was washed overboard. He was sinking into oblivion and thought he would dead. Hence, he accepted his approaching death with peace and resignation.

What did author eat for break fast?

Class 11 Question

The author is with his grandmother where he eats thick stale chapatis with a little butter and sugar spread in it.

How did the author go to school in the village?

Answer: The grandmother was accompanied with author while going to school. The narrator sat in a row with other students and learnt his alphabet and prayers in the schools while his grandmother sat inside the temple and read the scriptures.in this way the spent their time in the village school..

What job did the author’s mother take up?

His mother did not want to lose his memories to the fire. Besides, she had to save the important documents to ensure a good life to the author.

Why did Suzanne not tell the author about her injuries?

Answer: When upon being asked why she didn’t tell him about her injuries earlier, she said that she didn’t want to worry him as he was trying to save all of them.

Who said we’re sinking?

Explanation: This question is from the chapter We aren’t Afraid to Die… If We Can All be Together by Gordon Cook and Alan East. Mary shouted this sentence after the Wavewalker had been hit hard by the gigantic wave; the boat had been flooded with water.

What did the author see when his head popped out of water?

Answer: The author saw that the ship was near capsizing, her masts almost horizontal. … The author went for a round-the-world voyage in his ship wave walker. He was enjoying his journey when the ocean wave became gigantic due to the storm.

When and why did the narrator hire the crew members?

The narrator employed two crewmen—American Larry Vigil and Swiss Herb Seigler in order to help them tackle the southern Indian Ocean which is known as one of the roughest seas of the world. He engaged them before leaving Cape Town.

When did the author started his sail?

The narrator began his sea voyage in July 1976.

How did the old lady look after the narrator in the village?

After the narrator’s parents went to the city, the narrator was brought up by his grandmother. she woke him up, dressed him and made him ready for the school. she then gave the stale chapattis wither butter and sugar spread on it to the narrator.

How did author grandmother dress up when he was a little boy?

The grandmother woke him up each morning, bathed him, dressed him and got him ready for school. There after, she plastered his wooden slate, gave him breakfast and walked him to school.

What was the turning point of the friendship between grandmother and author *?

The turning point in the narrator’s and his grandmother’s friendship came when the author was summoned to the city by his parents. In the village, he and his grandmother had been going together to the school . His grandmother was also able to help him with his studies.

How did the narrator accept his approaching death and why was he still peaceful?

How did the narrator accept his ‘approaching death and why was he still peaceful’? The narrator saw a torrent of green and white water breaking over the ship. … He accepted his approaching death without murmuring. He felt quite peaceful even when death was approaching and Wavewalker was near capsizing.

Which thought was almost revolting?

This expression ‘the thought was almost revolting’ is from ‘The Portrait of A Lady’ by Khushwant Singh. This expression means it was very hard for the author to believe that once his grandmother was young, pretty, and beautiful. She had been the same for the last twenty years the author had seen her.

Where was the author grandfather portrait placed?

Answer: His grandfather’s portrait hung above the mantelpiece in the drawing room.

Who accompanied the author on that lovely autumn day?

On that lovely autumn day I was accompanied by Nelson Mandela’s daughter Zenani. On the podium, Mr de Klerk was first sworn in as second Deputy President.

How did the students help the author?

His schoolmates helped him in shifting to his grandparent’s house and he was happy at this friendly gesture.

How did the author’s grandmother thump a dilapidated drum?

Answer: When the author came back from abroad after five years, grandmother collected the women from the neighborhood. She kept singing and thumping a drum for several hours. This overstrained her body and this could have been the cause of her falling ill.

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