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Who died on December 27th 2001?


  • Jack Beeching, 79, English poet, novelist and nonfiction writer.
  • Robert Fowler, 70, South African cyclist (silver medal winner of the men’s cycling team pursuit at the 1952 Summer Olympics).
  • Ian Hamilton, 63, British critic, poet, magazine publisher, cancer.
  • John Hoffman, 58, American baseball player.

Moreover, What celebrities died on December 27th?

Next most famous people who died on December 27

  • #2 Benazir Bhutto. Sunday, June 21, 1953 – Thursday, December 27, 2007. …
  • #3 Gustave Eiffel. …
  • #4 Edward Blyth. …
  • #5 Hoagy Carmichael. …
  • #6 William Armstrong, 1st Baron Armstrong. …
  • #7 Emperor Gaozong of Tang. …
  • #8 Pierre de Ronsard. …
  • #9 Charles Lamb.

Besides, What happened December 27?

Important Events From This day in History December 27th. 1994 : When Rwanda’s president was killed in a plane crash the country was plunged into a blood bath and genocide. The Hutu majority slaughtered the Tutsis and a half a million people lay dead. A missionary exclaimed, “There are no devils left in hell.

as well Who died December 27 2003? 2003: Alan Bates, English actor who appeared in “Zorba the Greek” and “The Fixer,” dies of pancreatic cancer complications at 69.

Who died December 27 2005?

27. Stuart Alexander, 44, American businessman and murderer.

What is a December baby called?

They are either Sagittarius or Capricorn. Those born through December 21 are Sagittarius, while those born after December 22 are Capricorns. Sagittarians are known to be extremely generous, idealistic, and downright hilarious.

What holiday is December 21st?


What is special about 26th December?

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th every year and is only celebrated in a few countries; mainly ones historically connected to the UK and in some European countries. Boxing Day is celebrated just a day after Christmas.

Who died on 05 December?

This day in history, December 5: Nelson Mandela dies at age 95.

Who died December 10th 2005?

Richard Pryor died on December 10, 2005, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Who died December 23rd 2005?

December 23, 2005. Spc. Cheyenne C. Willey, 36, of Fremont, Calif.

Is December 31st a rare birthday?

December babies are rare, particularly if they were born Dec. 24 or Dec. 25, which are the rarest of all birthdays.

What is the rarest birthday?

This Is the Least Common Birthday in the U.S. (No, It’s Not Leap Day)

  • February 29.
  • July 5.
  • May 26.
  • December 31.
  • April 13.
  • December 23.
  • April 1.
  • November 28.

Are December birthdays rare?

It might be a celebratory distraction to be born on a big holiday, like Christmas, but the truth is it’s very rare to be born on Dec. 25, which makes those birthdays pretty special. In fact, Christmas Day is the least likely day of the year to be born, ranking at 366th with just over 6,500 births on average.

What national day is it on December 31?


What is the longest night?

Winter Solstice – The Longest Night of the Year. On the 21st of December, the Northern Hemisphere will sink into its deepest point of darkness. Have no fear, it is only the longest night and the shortest day of the year. Today, those of us in the north will be basking in roughly eight hours of daylight.

Is Dec 4 a holiday?

4, 2020 as a special non-working holiday to mark the birth anniversary of the late senator, Cebu governor and city mayor Sergio Osmeña Jr. “The Cebu City government is officially declaring this Dec. 4, 2020, Friday, as a holiday in commemoration of the late former senator and Cebu governor Sergio Osmeña Jr.

What happened on December 31st?

Important Events That Took Place On December 31:

1802: Peshwa Baji Rao II came under British protection. 1857: Queen Victoria declares Ottawa the capital of Canada. 1929: At midnight in Lahore, Mahatma Gandhi pledged complete independence with the Congress. 1943: Birth of Ben Kingsley.

Why is called Boxing Day?

The name comes from a time when the rich used to box up gifts to give to the poor. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants, and the day when they received a special Christmas box from their masters. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give Christmas boxes to their families.

What is the day after Christmas called in America?

Boxing Day
Type Bank holiday, public holiday
Date 26 December
Frequency Annual
Related to Day of Goodwill Saint Stephen’s Day (concurrent) Second Day of Christmastide

Who died on December 5th 2006?

5. David Bronstein, 82, Ukrainian chess grandmaster and writer, champion of USSR, natural causes. Eric Cox, 83, Australian rugby league player, referee and administrator, pneumonia and stroke.

Who died on December 5th 2007?

Robert Arthur Hawkins was the 19-year-old perpetrator of the Westroads Mall shooting.


Robert A. Hawkins
Died December 5, 2007 (aged 19) Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Cause of death Suicide by gunshot wound to the head

Who died December 5 1926?

Claude Monet, in full Oscar-Claude Monet, (born November 14, 1840, Paris, France—died December 5, 1926, Giverny), French painter who was the initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style.

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