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Where is it warm in the US in January?

Where in the USA is hot in January? Southern US states such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona can regularly experience highs over 80ºF in January. Additionally, Hawaii can be downright balmy in January..

Where is it warm in the US in December?

Key West, Florida

Located at the very end of the beautiful Florida Keys, Key West is officially the Southernmost City in the USA, making it the warmest place in US in December — probably January and February too — outside the US Virgin Islands.

Where is the warmest place in the US in January and February?

The clear front runner among large US cities for hot winter weather during December, January and February is Miami, Florida. Depending how you measure things, Tampa and Orlando also rank high.

Where is hot and cheap in December?

You can find warmer weather in the Canary Islands and Madeira. It’s a perfect time for Mauritius ,Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the Caribbean. In terms of prices, December is a month of two halves. Travel in the first week or two and you may find a cheap deal.

Where is the warmest place in the US at Christmas?

Miami is the hottest city in the USA in December, clocking average highs of 78* F/26* C.

Where is it warm around Christmas?

Naples, Florida, often has some of the warmest temperatures in the continental United States around Christmas.

Where is hot with no rain in December?

The hottest places to go on holiday in December

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in December are: Cancun (30.4 °C) Dominican Republic (29.6 °C) Barbados (29.5 °C)

Where is it 80 degrees year round in the United States?

Hawaii, USA

Probably one of the most obvious choices, Hawaii is the pinnacle of warm nights and sunny days. The average temperature in the Hawaiian islands stays right around 80 degrees all year round, but even on a chilly day it only drops to a low of about 70 degrees.

What is the warmest place in the US in February? Honolulu, Hawaii. The crown for the warmest place in the US in February goes to Honolulu, Hawaii. The temperatures here in February barely drop below 65(F)/20(C) which is most definitely warm enough to enjoy Hawaiian beaches, Polynesian culture, and to sip cocktails on the sand!

Where in the US is it warm all year round?

1. California

You can’t beat the south and central California coast for pleasant temperatures year round. Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria all have average daily highs no lower than the mid-60s for any month of the year. Nor does it get really hot.

What beach is warm in December?

Ocean Temperature

Beach Water °F
Honolulu, Hawaii 77
Hilo, Hawaii 73
Miami, Florida 73
Key West, Florida 72

What state stays 70 degrees year-round?

While temperatures fluctuate throughout the year in most U.S. states, there are some that see averages around 70-degree weather year-round. These states include Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Which state has the warmest winters?

Hawaii rises to the top of the list in winter, with average monthly temperatures well above those of any other state. But when the North American continent heats up in summer, Hawaii maintains a steady temperature.

Where is warm December and January?

The hottest places to go on holiday in December

Dominican Republic (29.6 °C) Barbados (29.5 °C) Brisbane (28.2 °C) Cape Verde (26.4 °C)

Where in the US can you swim in December? Swimming in december in California, Houston, Myrtle Beach, Carolina Beach and Dauphin Island (Alabama) is possible with a wetsuit! Indeed, the water is cold at this time of year with an average temperature of 61°F (min: 59°F/max: 62°F).

What is the warmest place in Florida in January? The southern chunk of Miami Beach, a slender barrier island along the Atlantic Ocean, South Beach is probably the warmest place in Florida in January.

Where is best for winter sun? Best places for winter sun

  1. Cape Town, South Africa. Average winter temperature 22C.
  2. Fuerteventura. Average winter temperature 18C.
  3. The Maldives. Average winter temperature 27C.
  4. Funchal, Madeira. Average winter temperature 16C.
  5. Miami, US.
  6. Zanzibar, Tanzania.
  7. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.
  8. Soufrière, St Lucia.

Where in USA is warm in February?

Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and Hawaii offer the warmest weather in the US in February, and I’ll give you an overview of a few different locations so that you can see what takes your fancy…

Where does it stay 75 degrees year-round?

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara has long been recognized as having arguably the best climate in the state with the best weather in the U.S. (California).

Where is hot and cheap in February?

For cheap hot holidays in February, it’s hard to beat The Gambia, a friendly, safe, English-speaking country on the West Coast of Africa. The flight from London or Manchester takes barely more than six hours, with no jet lag, temperatures of 34°C and nine hours of daily sunshine.

Where is it 80 degrees in February in the United states?


City % Sun
Phoenix, Arizona 80
Key West, Florida 77
Los Angeles, CA 72
San Diego, California 71

What is the best state to visit in February?

27 Best Destinations in the United States to Visit in February

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  2. San Diego, California.
  3. Yellowstone National Park; Montana and Wyoming.
  4. Table Rock State Park, South Carolina.
  5. Big Sky, Montana.
  6. Lake Tahoe, California.
  7. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan.
  8. Austin, Texas.

Where is it 75 degrees year round in the United States?

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara has long been recognized as having arguably the best climate in the state with the best weather in the U.S. (California).

Where is it hot in January for a vacation?

Puerto Rico and Hawaii are hot in America in January with average temperatures between 23-29 degrees Celcius. Miami and Florida are also considered warm during this period.

Where is warm and cheap in January? Southern Caribbean

The southern part of the Caribbean is at its year-round best in January with reliable sunshine, gentle breezes and low humidity.

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