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What is recognized in August?

August National Months

  • National Dog Month *
  • Black Business Month.
  • Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month.
  • Family Fun Month.
  • Get ready for Kindergarten Month.
  • Happiness Happens Month.
  • International Peace Month.
  • MedicAlert Awareness Month.


Why is August 16 special?

1977 : Elvis Presley dies at the age of 42, leaving rock and roll fans worldwide mourning his loss. Elvis was found dead at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. The cause of death is pronounced as cardiac arrhythmia which is a form of heart attack.

What is celebrated 15 August?

Independence Day, in India, national holiday celebrated annually on August 15. Independence Day marks the end of British rule in 1947 and the establishment of a free and independent Indian nation.

What happened August 13th?

This Day in History: August 13

On this day in 1521, Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés captured Tenochtitlán (now Mexico City) after a 93-day siege, thereby ending the Aztec empire and winning Mexico for the crown of Spain.

What is August 27th?

On August 27, you won’t need a reason to celebrate. All you need is National Just Because Day .

National Just Because Day dates.

Year Date Day
2022 August 27 Saturday
2023 August 27 Sunday
2024 August 27 Tuesday
2025 August 27 Wednesday

What is celebrated on 22 August?

On August 22nd, National Be an Angel Day encourages good deeds and kindness to others. By supporting those in need and inspiring others to kindness, we display an act of an angel here on earth. The day also recognizes those who’ve been angels to us.

What happened on August 22nd?

This Day in History: August 22

Henry Tudor (the future Henry VII) defeated the Yorkist king Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth Field on this day in 1485, effectively ending the Wars of the Roses and establishing the Tudor dynasty on the English throne.

What is celebrated August 20th?

20th August is the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister ‘Rajiv Gandhi’. Sadbhavana Diwas is celebrated on 20th August to appreciate his efforts in Indian development. 20th August is also called as ‘The Communal Harmony Day. ‘

What is special about August 10th? This Day in History: August 10

As the French Revolution (1787–99) continued, the country’s monarchy was effectively overthrown on this day in 1792 when King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie-Antoinette, were imprisoned (they were eventually guillotined).

What is celebrated August 21?

International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism.

Why is August 21 special?

August 21st is officially Poet’s Day as well as Senior Citizen’s Day. Today marks day 233 of the year, and we have 132 days left of the year. Today has had a significant role in history, and that’s exactly what we’re going to look at here! Find out all about what events happened on August 21 throughout history.

What is special about August 19th?

August 19 also marks International Homeless Animals Day, National Aviation Day, National Potato Day, and World Humanitarian Day.

What is celebrated August 12?

The first International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12 after it is designated by the United Nations General Assembly the previous year. The theme for International Youth Day in 2019 was ‘Transforming Education.

What is celebrated August 17?

National Black Cat Appreciation Day. National I love My Feet Day. National Medical Dosimetrist Day – August 17, 2022 (Third Wednesday in August) National Non Profit Day.

What does August 18th Celebrate? NATIONAL ICE CREAM PIE DAY.

What is celebrated August 11? 2022 Daily Holidays that fall on August 11, include:

National Hip Hop Day. National Raspberry Bombe Day. National Raspberry Tart Day. Play in the Sand Day.

What is celebrated August 24? August 24 also marks National Waffle Day.

What is celebrated on 13th August?

National Bowling Day – August 13, 2022 (Second Saturday in August) National Filet Mignon Day.

What is celebrated August 14?

In 1945, President Truman announced Japan’s surrender in WWII. Steve Martin, Halle Berry and Mila Kunis were all born on August 14th. National Victory-over-Japan Day is celebrated on August 14th.

Is it 73 or 74 Independence Day 2021?

Therefore, India is celebrating 74 years of freedom from the British rule in 2021. But if we calculate the number of Independence Days India has celebrated, it will be 75 since August 15, 1947 will be considered as the first.

How long has Independence Day been in 2021?

President’s address to the nation on the eve of India’s 75th Independence Day, 2021

Which country got freedom first?

Colonies, Protectorates and Mandates

Country Pre-independence name (different) Year of independence or first stage
India British India 1947
Iraq 1932
Israel Mandatory Palestine 1948
Jamaica 1962

What happened August 12th?

This Day in History: August 12

On this day in 1877, American inventor Thomas Alva Edison made perhaps his most original discovery, the phonograph, and his early recordings were indentations embossed into a sheet of tinfoil by a vibrating stylus. Courtesy of the Edison National Historical Site, West Orange, N.J.

What happened August 20th?

This Day in History: August 20

The robotic U.S. spacecraft Viking 1, built to explore the surface of Mars, was launched this day in 1975 and nearly one year later landed on Chryse Planitia, a flat lowland region in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

What is celebrated on 6 August? 6 August – Hiroshima Day

Hiroshima Day is observed on 6 August every year. This is the day when the atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

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