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What holiday is on March 18th 2022?

World Sleep Day – March 18, 2022 (Friday of Second Full Week in March).

Is March 15 2022 a holiday?

2022 Daily Holidays that fall on March 15, include:

Dumbstruck Day. Ides of March. International Day Against Police Brutality. International Day of Action Against Canadian Seal Slaughter.

Is March 14 2022 a holiday?

2022 Daily Holidays that fall on March 14, include:

Celebrate Scientists Day. Commonwealth Day – March 14, 2022 (Second Monday in March) Crowdfunding Day.

What holiday is March 7 2022?

2022 Daily Holidays that fall on March 7, include:

Alexander Graham Bell Day. Casimir Pulaski Day – March 7, 2022 (First Monday in March)

Is March 18 a special day?

March 18th also marks Awkward Moments Day and National Biodiesel Day.

Is March 16 a special day?

March 16th is the seventy-fifth day (seventy-sixth in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Army Corps of Engineers by the United States Military Academy at West Point and the ratification of Thirteenth Amendment by Mississippi.

What happened March 2022?

The Start of Spring

The March equinox occurs on Sunday, March 20, 2022. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is known as the vernal, or spring, equinox and marks the start of the spring season. In the Southern Hemisphere, autumn begins. At this time, the Sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north.

What national day is it March 19?


Every March 19th, National Certified Nurses Day celebrates the certified nurses who impact lives every day.

What do we celebrate on 21st March? 21 March is celebrated around the world as International Day of Forests. 21 March is celebrated around the world as International Day of Forests. The UN Forest and Agriculture Organization has declared this as a day to celebrate the ways in which forests and trees sustain and protect us.

What holiday is on March 19 2022?

National Corndog Day – March 19, 2022 (Third Saturday of March) National Poultry Day.

What holiday is on March 20 2022?

International Day of Happiness. International Earth Day – March 20, 2022 (Same day as Spring Equinox, and different than Earth Day observed on April 22 each year)

What national holiday is on March 20?

March 20th also marks French Language Day, International Day of Happiness, National Proposal Day and Spring Equinox.

What special day is March 13th?

National Dry Shampoo Day – March 13, 2022 (Second Sunday in March) National Jewel Day. National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day. Smart & Sexy Day.

What is celebrated on 26 March?

Purple Day is a grassroots celebration that is aimed at raising worldwide awareness of epilepsy, a condition that affects over 65 million people globally.

What national holiday is on March 21? March 21st also marks International Day of Forests, National Common Courtesy Day, national Fragrance Day, National French Bread Day, National Kick Butts Day, World Down Syndrome Day, and World Poetry Day.

What national holiday is on March 19? March 19th also marks National Let’s Laugh Day and National Poultry Day.

Which day is celebrated on 19 March? History of International Client’s Day

After all, clients are the foundation of every business”, leading to the very first International Client’s Day being celebrated on March 19th, 2010.

What is celebrated March 17?

Saint Patrick’s Day. Today is St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish and Irish-American holiday commemorating the death, as legend has it, of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, on March 17, circa 492. It is also the occasion, in many American cities, for celebrating Irish heritage with a parade.

What happened March 14th 2022?

U.S. journalist Brent Renaud killed by Russian forces

American journalist Brent Renaud was shot and killed by Russian forces in the Ukrainian town of Irpin near the capital, Kyiv, regional police chief Andriy Nyebytov said on Sunday.

What holiday is March 8 2022?

2022 Daily Holidays that fall on March 8, include:

International (Working) Women’s Day. National Be Nasty Day. National Peanut Cluster Day. National Proofreading Day.

What National Day is March 8th 2022?


What holiday is on March 9th?

March 9th holidays

March 9th also marks National Barbie Day and National Meatball Day.

Is March 14 2022 a holiday Victoria?

All public holiday dates are accurate at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change.

Public holidays in Victoria for 2022.

Holiday Date in 2022
Labour Day Monday 14 March
Good Friday 1 Friday 15 April
Saturday before Easter Sunday Saturday 16 April
Easter Sunday Sunday 17 April

What is celebrated on 23 March?

The 23rd of March is declared as the martyrs day in India to remember the sacrifice and pay homage to the Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar.

What is celebrated on 13 March? National Good Samaritan Day on March 13th recognizes the unselfish actions of those who provide help when needed. The day is also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day and celebrates kindness in all its forms.

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