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What happened October 12th 2018?

Washington state Supreme Court rules death penalty unconstitutional. Washington’s state Supreme Court on Thursday declared that the state’s death penalty was unconstitutional..

What happened October 11th 2018?

Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday as a dangerous Category 4 storm with top sustained winds of 155 miles per hour. It was the strongest storm to hit the continental U.S. in nearly five decades, and the strongest ever recorded in the Florida Panhandle.

Is October 12 a special day?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt designated Columbus Day (then celebrated October 12) a national holiday in 1934. Since 1971, when Columbus Day was designated the second Monday in October, it has been celebrated as a federal holiday. In many locations across the country Americans hold parades to commemorate the day.

Who was born on 11 October?

20. Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh Bachchan was born on October 11, 1942 in Allahabad, British India (present-day Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India) to legendary poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan & Teji Bachchan. He also has a brother named Ajitabh.

What was happening in October 2011?

Battle of Interest. Oct 20 The former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, and his son Moatassem Gaddafi are killed shortly after the battle of Sirte (2011) while in the custody of NTC fighters. Oct 23 A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Van Province, Turkey, killing 582 people and injuring thousands.

What famous person was born in October?

Octoer 8, 1980 – Nick Cannon, American actor, rapper, TV host. October 8, 1985 – Bruno Mars, singer. October 14, 1927 – Roger Moore, actor , played “James Bond” in seven movies. October 25, 1881 – Pablo Picasso, the greatest artist of the 20th century.

What was cool in 2011?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 was the most popular film, and Sunday Night Football (NBC) was the top TV show. The King’s Speech won an Oscar for Best Picture, and Modern Family (ABC) won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. The last Oprah Winfrey Show was broadcast.

What fun facts happened in 2011?

2011’s biggest pop culture moments

  • Charlie Sheen’s meltdown. Perhaps no star had a wilder roller coaster ride in 2011 than Charlie Sheen.
  • The rise of Adele.
  • The Oscar host fiasco.
  • The Royal Wedding.
  • The success of Bridesmaids.
  • Oprah’s final episode.
  • Harry Potter ends.
  • Friday Night Lights says goodbye.

What happened on October 11th 2002? October 11th, 2002 : Former President Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts at ending the middle east conflict and acting as a mediator between Egypt and Israel.

What happened on this day in history 10 12?

This Day in History: October 12

The New World was “discovered” this day in 1492 when land (most likely San Salvador) was sighted in the Caribbean from the Pinta, one of the three ships that participated in Christopher Columbus’s historic voyage.

What is October 11th known for?

1968 – NASA launches Apollo 7, the first successful manned Apollo mission. 1976 – George Washington is posthumously promoted to the grade of General of the Armies. 1984 – Aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes the first American woman to perform a space walk.

What is October 12th birthstone?

October’s birthstones are pink tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline, the primary birthstone, is rare because it is one of the few gems that can be found in almost every color.

What launched October 12 2011?


Spacecraft properties
Manufacturer LuxSpace
Launch mass 29 kilograms (64 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date October 12, 2011, 05:31 UTC

Is October 11 a Libra?

Libras born October 11 have the ability to put others at ease. They have a sweet and sensitive nature, which in no way implies a lack of strength.

What does March 18th celebrate? Goddess of Fertility Day. National Awkward Moments Day. National Biodiesel Day. National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence – March 18, 2022 (Third Friday in March)

What is celebrated on October 12th? Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere, and a federal holiday in the United States, which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492.

What happened on October 12th 2006?

12 Oct, 2006 New York Yankees Pitcher Dies In Plane Crash.

Why did Columbus Day start?

A federal holiday celebrated the second Monday of each October, Columbus Day arose out of a late 19th century movement to honor Italian American heritage at a time when Italian immigrants faced widespread persecution.

What happened on October 12th 2009?

American is first woman to win Nobel in economics.

What holiday is today?

What Holiday is Today? ( June 12, 2022)

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
National Jerky Day Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Peanut Butter Cookie Day Unofficial (Food & Drinks)
National Loving Day Unofficial (Relationships & Family)
National Children’s Day United States

Which day is Farmer day?

Kisan Diwas or National Farmer’s Day is observed on 23rd December to mark the birth anniversary of “Champion of Indian Peasants” former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh.

Why is it called Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere, and a federal holiday in the United States, which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492.

What are October babies called?

Babies born in October are either a Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) or a Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21).

Is July 1st a common birthday? 9 of the 10 most popular birthdays are in September. The one not in September? July 7th, just 3 days after Independence Day.

How common of a birth date is each day in the calendar year?

Birth Date Popularity Average Births
1/1 365th 7,792
1/2 362nd 9,307
1/3 306th 10,813
1/4 209th 11,019

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