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Is Morgana a boy or a girl Persona 5?

Morgana is a cat in the game but also a character in his own right, part of the group, he dislikes being thought of as merely being a cat. In addition, despite the name Morgana he is actually male..

What is kamoshida weak to?

Kamoshida has no weakness, but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve. Attack him until he uses his goblet to heal himself. From that point, attack and destroy the goblet. Once it’s gone, focus back on him.

How old is Ann Persona?

Born on November 12, 1999, Ann is 16 at the start of the game.

What is Futaba’s mom weakness?

At the end of Futaba’s Palace is her mother, who’s transformed into a divine bird that deals tremendous Physical and Wind damage, making the Wind-vulnerable Ryuji a poor choice for this fight.

Should I let Ryuji write the calling card?

The best choice for this might be Ryuji, as both Morgana and Ann are useful to keep around for healing. Continue attacking him and when he announces his “killshot,” have everyone guard, as he will execute his biggest move the next turn.

Who is Futaba’s dad?

Futaba is the daughter of cognitive psientist Wakaba Isshiki; her father is unknown.

What does maruki’s calling say?

Takuto Maruki has committed the great sin of creating an overblown self-righteous reality granting people’s wishes. However, we will not soak ourselves in this false happiness, and we will overcome our pain and move forward. As a result, we will not accept your proposed salvation.

What level should you be to fight kamoshida?

After you reach the end of the first Palace (dungeon) of Persona 5, you’ll be facing Shadow Kamoshida as the final boss. The battle can be challenging if you don’t prepare properly, and you’ll want to at least be level 10 before you make your attempt.

Can I still explore the palace after sending the calling card? Keep in mind that when you send the card, that will end your day. You will go home and go to sleep, and then you’ll immediately go out to the palace the next day. Once you send the card, there’s no opportunity for you to go to your part-time job, spend time with confidants, or do any additional training.

What is Igor Persona?

Igor is the mysterious proprietor of the Velvet Room. In Persona, Igor calls himself “a servant of Philemon.” He is always found in The Velvet Room between consciousness and unconsciousness, alongside Nameless and Belladonna. He uses a phone made of bone to call up Personas from the depths of the soul.

Why did Kamoshida break Ryuji leg?

His absentee father was abusive, so he looked to become a track star in school to make his mother proud and to excel for her sake. However, the track coach Suguru Kamoshida ruined that for Ryuji through physical abuse that left him with a broken leg.

Why is Igor’s voice different?

Once the game finally released, long-time fans quickly noticed a stark difference between Persona 5 and all other games in the Persona series: Igor’s voice was completely different. Before production really took off for Persona 5, Igor’s Japanese voice actor, Isamu Tanonaka, suddenly passed away in 2010.

Who is Igor’s master?

In Igor (2008), the main character of the film (voiced by John Cusack) is the former assistant of a now-deceased mad scientist Dr. Glickenstein (voiced by John Cleese). He takes over his master’s research and dreams of becoming the most famous scientist in the world.

Did suzui get raped by Kamoshida?

It is heavily implied she was raped by Kamoshida, and used as a cat’s paw to blackmail Ann into playing along with Kamoshida’s lustful intentions towards her.

What did Kamoshida do to Ann? As an act of revenge against Ann rejecting his sexual advances, he sexually assaulted (and it was heavily implied that he sexually violated) her friend Shiho Suzui because Ann repeatedly refused to go to bed with him.

What level should I be to fight Kamoshida? After you reach the end of the first Palace (dungeon) of Persona 5, you’ll be facing Shadow Kamoshida as the final boss. The battle can be challenging if you don’t prepare properly, and you’ll want to at least be level 10 before you make your attempt.

What is Joker’s real name p5?

While the player can freely name Joker in the game, he is named Ren Amamiya in Persona 5: The Animation and most other appearances while Akira Kurusu was used in the manga adaptation.

What is Morgana p5?

Persona 5’s Morgana is an anthropomorphic cat that acts as your sidekick and guide to the palaces and dungeons you find yourself exploring. For better or worse, he’s by your side throughout the whole of the game.

How old is akechi 5?

Goro Akechi is an 18 year old Detective in Persona 5, said to be the second coming of the Detective Prince (after Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4).

Why does Joker wear fake glasses?

By masking his impulsive, passionate self behind a normal pair of glasses, Joker prevents people from seeing his true self, or at least makes it more difficult for them to square his appearance with the rumors about his delinquency.

Why is Joker called Ren?

Outside of the fact that Ren Amamiya is used far more often in Persona 5 media, it’s worth looking into what each name actually means. Ren means “rain,” and likely refers to the fact that it was raining when Joker met Ryuji at the beginning of Persona 5.

How tall is Amamiya Ren?

Ren Amamiya
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 1.75 m (5’9″)

How old is Akira from Persona?

The hero character of Persona 5 is known as the Protagonist.


Given Name Player Created/Akira Kurusu(manga)
Arcana Fool/Wild Card
Starting Persona Arsene
Age 16
Height 5’9″

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