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Is gumball a girl or boy?

Gumball Watterson
Species Cat
Gender Male
Occupation Student at Elmore Junior High (seventh grade; eighth-grader as revealed in “The Grades”)
Affiliation Elmore Junior High


Is Darwin adopted gumball?

Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemus Watterson III is the deuteragonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. He used to be Gumball’s pet goldfish, but one day, he grew legs and generally adapted to life outside of water, so he was adopted by the Watterson family.

Does Gumball marry Penny?

In season 6, in “The Cringe,” there is a collection of scenes involving flash-forwards to Gumball and Penny’s marriage, and eventually Penny’s newborn baby in Gumball’s arms.

Why is Richard Watterson so dumb?

In “The Treasure,” it is revealed that the reason for the Watterson family’s financial trouble is that Richard spent all of the family’s savings on a star, which later died. As revealed in “The Authority,” his dumb personality comes from his mother’s poor parenting. He thinks zebras are mythical creatures.

Why did Darwin grow legs?

This episode was the first in the series to be a two-parter. This episode was mentioned at the Paris Comic Con during Ben’s panel. It is revealed that Darwin grew lungs and legs when Gumball gave him hope by the power of love.

Is Darwin a girl or boy?

The name Darwin is boy’s name of English origin meaning “dear friend”.

How did Gumball meet Darwin?

Tired of their son’s behavior, and in desperate need for sleep, the parents decide to get him a pet fish. Gumball is fascinated with his new pet, and decides to call him Darwin. Despite Darwin being unable to respond to his owner, Gumball enjoys playing with him very much.

When was Gumball born?

Gumball Watterson

Gumball (formerly Zachary) Tristopher Watterson
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birthday: April 4, 1999
Species: Cat

How old is Gumball and Darwin 2022? Duke Cutler as Gumball Watterson, a 12-year-old mischievous blue cat who lives with his family in the fictional California city of Elmore. Christian J. Simon as Darwin Watterson, a 10 year old orange goldfish who is Gumball’s best friend adopted by the Watterson family.

How old is principal Brown?

Character Information

Gender: Male
Age: 54
Friends: Miss Simian, Mr. Small, Gaylord
Enemies: Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole, Richard, Rocky
Occupation: Principal

How old is Frankie Watterson?

However, it may be possible that Granny Jojo lied to Richard and told him that Frankie died at 102 years old to not tell him the truth back during his childhood, and thus Nicole possibly believed that Frankie was dead before his first appearance.

What age is Gumball?

He is a twelve-year-old, blue male cat that goes to Elmore Junior High, with his adopted brother Darwin and his four-year-old sister Anais. Gumball is in Miss Simian’s class.

How old is Gumball in season 6?

The series focuses on the misadventures of Gumball Watterson, a blue 12-year-old cat, along with his adopted brother, Darwin, a goldfish.

What age is Clarence for?

This is where this show really falls on its head. For those who are 9 and under it is enjoyable, yet for anyone over this age it is really not that good. Young kids won’t appreciate that this child has many defects, and as we know from experience, Monkey see, Monkey do.

Is there swearing in Gumball? Profanity (5)

“Gosh darn it” and “dagnabbit” is said too. Timmy says “get bent” in “The Internet”. In “The Safety”, Gumball steps on Darwin’s foot and Darwin yells “OH YOU-“, after that a picture of a mother, then a farmer shown bucking hay, a picture of a donkey, then a picture of a clown is shown.

Is there a Season 7 of Gumball? Synopsis. Gumball and friends are back, once again in a brand new series! That’s right, more laughter, excitement, thrills, story arcs and more! Season 7 will put Gumball and friends into more and more trouble, but they will get out as a family.

How old is Miss Simian?

Miss Simian does not visibly age, as she has kept the same appearance since Nicole’s childhood. This is due to the fact she is over two million years old, and she taught during the Stone Age. In “The Apology,” it is revealed that her first name is Lucy.

How old is Anais Watterson?

Anais Errrrrr Watterson is the tritagonist and one of the main characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the youngest member of the Watterson family and the most rational, despite being only four years old.

How old is Nigel Brown?

Nigel Brown

Nigel Brown ONZM
Brown in 2011
Born Nigel Roderick Brown 1949 (age 72–73 ) Invercargill, New Zealand
Education Tauranga Boys’ College
Alma mater Elam School of Art

Who is Tobias in Gumball?

Tobias Wilson is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a student in Miss Simian’s class at Elmore Junior High. His first appearance was in “The Third” when he offered Darwin to be his friend for ten dollars. He is the son of Harold and Jackie, as well as the brother of Rachel.

Is penny a peanut?

From Season 1 to “The Shell,” Penny was an anthropomorphic peanut. Like the rest of her family, she had a set of antlers that grow out of her head. In Season 3, the episode “The Shell” revealed that Penny underneath her shell is a shape-shifting, fairy-like creature.

Does Darwin like Carrie?

In “The Matchmaker,” Darwin shows more passion for Carrie than ever and is even more anxious to impress her, going as far as writing a poem, a song and shout out his secrets in her presence.

Is penny a potato?

From season 1 to “The Shell,” Penny appeared to be an anthropomorphic antlered peanut. Like the rest of her family, she had a light brown shell and a set of tan antlers that grew out of her head.

Is Anais older than Gumball? She is the youngest member of the Watterson family and the most rational, despite being only four years old. She is in 8th (and later 9th) grade at Elmore Junior High which she attends with her older brothers, Gumball and Darwin, and is in a higher grade than them, as revealed in “The Others.”

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