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Tendance en Decoration baby shower

A baby shower is a traditional celebration in many parts of the world, this is done thinking about the arrival of a new member to our family so if you are expecting a baby or a relative or friend is waiting, you can help with some ideas to organize a baby shower whatever the sex of the baby these ideas I found will help you, I hope you like all the ideas I found to show you.

Dessert table decoration for baby shower in pink candy, white and gold colors.without doubt elegance and style in this combination of colors.

Idea for baby shower dessert table light pink and gold

The initial letter of the name of the baby is the focal point of this decoration, to do the same you need, cardboard letter of the stationery and a frame in which you can place the letter and paint in golden aerosol.

It is also decorated with crystal containers with sweet light pink color.

A very original touch is given by the donuts bathed in sugar glass on a rectangular platon golden color.

Cupcakes with capacitors that match the rest of the decoration cannot fail.

Last but not least, they used giant paper flowers to decorate this baby shower and give life to the wall behind the dessert table.

The following idea may interest you:

Decoration baby shower elephants

In the gallery I prepared you can find some options of snacks and desserts that you can offer to your party guestsIn many baby showers it is used that when arriving to the party the hostess receives her guests with some detail, because you will also see some ideas in the gallery. You will also see decorations for the party in general, centerpieces, such as decorating the main table, dessert table, and so on.

dessert tables for baby shower

There are many ideas I was able to collect that at least by looking at them you could decide what kind of details and decoration you would like to add to your baby’s shower. I remind you that you can share your ideas with family or friends who you think might be interested in the topic or any of the options in our gallery.

Dessert table ideas for baby shower

Princess style dessert table

dessert tables for baby shower

Elagante dessert table

dessert tables for baby shower

Outdoor dessert table

dessert tables for baby shower

Rustic style dessert tables

Dessert table vintage style

dessert tables for baby shower

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