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Party to reveal the sex of the baby –

How exciting it is for parents to know the sex of the baby they expect, and that emotion is transmitted to the whole family and today it is almost impossible not to know if it is the expectation of a boy or a girl, because with the technology so advanced with which we have today, we can almost see their features, apart from not having to wait as long as before, because in a few months you can know the answer to the question: is it a girl or a boy? that everyone does and to give them the answer nothing better than to organize one. Party to reveal the sex of the baby, where you can get your friends and family out of doubt.

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On the other hand there are also couples who do not want to know, but until the time of birth and want it to be a secret, either because they think it’s best or because they like surprises, so those couples, which by the way are very few will not need the ideas Party to reveal the sex of the baby that I want to share so that the moment of announcing such important information will be a very special occasion, as it should be. But I’m not saying that not knowing the gender of the future member of the family is wrong, since it’s a decision that everyone makes and should be respected, also, so it becomes more exciting the issue.

Obviously the colors pink and blue are ideal for a party with this theme, also the idea of adding details such as moustaches or bows is very good, as well as placing question marks as part of the decoration to give a touch of suspense.

There are many DIY ideas that you can implement, such as mason jar and decoration with paper figures, all in blue and pink, of course.

Party to reveal the sex of the baby

The decoration of this one is excellent, because it does not give rise to even the slightest suspicion, since everything is perfectly balanced, as much for boy, as for girl.

Party to reveal the sex of the baby

Add fun to your event by voting on a whiteboard about your baby’s sex – it’ll be fun!

Party to reveal the sex of the baby

From the moment of welcome, make clear the theme of the party. This crown is an easy way to do it.

Party to reveal the sex of the baby

Giant balloons are a trend, and to place within it the answer to the main question of your event, is an original way to reveal, only you will have to break it.

Party to reveal the sex of the baby

The cake must be very tender, just as the babies are, but do not forget to put details of girl and boy, as well as using the appropriate colors.

Party to reveal the sex of the baby

Offer sandwiches to your guests with reasons for the revelation of your baby’s dryness. Look how cute these little blue and pink feet!

Party to reveal the sex of the baby

One of the best ideas for the Party to reveal the sex of the baby and that you can not stop doing for this special occasion, is a surprise box, where you raise the question of boy or girl? printed, decorated with balloons and a bow. Literally like the big surprise it is.

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