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Baby Shower Chanel style! –

A most elegant decoration that perfectly combines white, black, pink and gold, inspired by Coconut chanel for your Next Baby Shower.

The Chanel-inspired decoration is a theme full of glamour and style, where white, black, pink and gold tones are part of the decoration. The logo of such a prestigious brand, the pearls, camellia flowers, the print of the brand, the details in vertical stripes, are perfectly incorporated to this decoration.Baby Shower Chanel style!

If you are an extremely sophisticated woman, who says goodbye to elegance while walking, and you are waiting for your princess I’m sure you will love the idea of starting from the glamour of Cocho Chanel to decorate the Baby Shower in honor of you and your future daughter. Do not hesitate for a moment to be inclined by this idea, because the result is extremely beautiful and full of originality, that radiates elegance in its totality, starting from French airs inspired in the decade of 1920, of Coco Chanel. Currently this brand is considered a fashion icon.Baby Shower Chanel style!

To decorate your Baby Shower inspired by this idea, you need to print the place with subtle details, with personalized labels, adding some elements that remember what the celebration is about, but preserving the elegance and good taste of the brand. I advise you to add details with shiny pearls, to place in the walls some details of walls with the mark, the hall must have a correct illumination that magnifies every detail.

But let’s take a look at the complete gallery of ideas that we bring to you today, so that you can get inspired and in that way, achieve a stunning decoration for your home. Baby Shower inspired by the elegance and Good Taste of Coco Chanel!

Let’s get to know the ideas:

Add to the decorative elements a beautiful dessert table with colorful details in black, white, pink and gold. Don’t forget to personalize every detail, including cute cookies, with tender and elegant designs. The idea of adding glass shelves turns out to be a very good one, as it will make the table look better.

  • Main table:Baby Shower Chanel style!

A main table where the logo of the brand, pink details, pearls and boxes can not miss. Remember that good taste always goes hand in hand with elegance.

  • Table centerpieces:Baby Shower Chanel style!

There is a world of possibilities to decorate the table of your guests, with floral arrangements placed in wooden boxes, in black gift bags with the brand plasmada and a beautiful tender teddy in pink that can be seen, filling glass bottles that resemble perfue and one more that can serve you to create an arrangement with bottles and some brightness.

  • Decoration for the entrance:Baby Shower Chanel style!

Welcome your guests, looking like an excellent hostess. For this it is important to place photographs framed in pictures with style and elegance, some beads of pearl necklaces and mirrors that give more elegance to the decoration.

  • Thank you details:Baby Shower Chanel style!

Place beautiful gift bags in black, so you can keep inside some nice detail for your guests … It’s a perfect way to thank your friends for attending your Baby Shower.

Now you know, bring the magic of Coco Chanel to your Baby Shower and achieve an event with style and elegance… Don’t forget to share.

Fountains: Pinterest.com/www.achilicelingen.com

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