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Moustache party

Moustache party

Every day more and more different themes emerge in the theme of the parties as to how to carry out one in terms of decoration and organization of your event, so on this occasion I bring you a theme that has become very fashionable for children’s parties and is a party of moustaches or “Moustache”.

It’s a very funny and original idea inspired by moustaches, ideal for small children or even to celebrate an adult would be very fun, although at first glance it may seem that a decoration with moustaches can not be very nice, the pictures in the gallery show the opposite.

The best thing about a moustache-themed party is the amount of things that can be done with the moustaches to personalize the party. Besides, all this in a very simple way. Simply by cutting out cardboard moustaches and sticking them wherever you want, inserting them into the straws, or in the case of the balloons, directly by painting them.

I hope you like all the ideas and take this theme into account for an upcoming celebration for someone special that you think might like the theme.

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