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Children’s parties Bears baby shower

Children’s parties Bears baby shower

Nowadays there are hundreds and thousands of themes to celebrate a baby shower, the typical and the traditional remain behind, today the base of any celebration whether it is a party or a baby showers is that they have a main theme.

So on this occasion I share with you a theme that I personally find very tender either for a baby shower boy or girl, the theme is bears, I comment that you can play with the base colors of the decoration as it may be in case of child, blue colors in all its shades, yellow, even green or gray, girl can also be pink in various shades, yellow, purple or lilac.

In the gallery below I leave you more ideas that I know will inspire you to decorate your baby shower, dessert ideas, snacks, room decoration or where your event will be, centerpieces, main table decoration, even super nice cake designs.

I hope you like all the ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with someone who is close to having a baby or is interested in original and different baby shower themes.

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