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Women's 40th birthday party with leopard print

Women’s 40th Birthday Party: photos, ideas and tips!

For women, their 40th birthday is a much more memorable date than for them. For event organizers too. It is not only a milestone in the change of age but also represents a greater freedom in the choice of theme. Did you know that the number of princess parties for women over 40 has increased a lot? Themed events are hot for this age. They really can do anything and what counts is creativity. If you are looking for suggestions for female 40th birthday party we have many to follow!

Women’s 40th Birthday Party Themes and Decoration

In women’s 40th birthday party, the freedom to choose the theme is much more appreciated nowadays. There is already a lot of history to tell how to have lived the 80s of the disco, the pop of the 90s and being able to innovate in colors using current trends. Some inspirations can help you choose the theme of your party.


The animal print print never goes out of style for closets and has become an excellent alternative for party decoration for women. It doesn’t take much, just colors to make up the theme well with an African touch and there’s a lot on the market to help make up the space. You can find everything from cupcake boxes to ready-made panels. The Provençal style is an alternative to compose this theme considered easy to assemble, which goes much better with evening parties.

Women's 40th birthday party with leopard printleopard female 40th birthday partyfemale 40th birthday party leopard candyfemale 40th birthday party leopard table

black and white

Using black and white colors in birthday party decorations can be a proposal either as a theme (only the dual colors) or you can focus on a theme that matches the colors, which in fact can be any one like Chanel , dolls from the 70s, disco, among many other possibilities.

Dual black and white is much more used in female 40th birthday party night, but nothing prevents being used during the day also with some details such as valuing for a space a little more open. Black darkens the space a little and for events in small halls it needs to be smaller.

female 40th birthday party black and white colors

Look how beautiful the Chanel party is and super trendy!

black and white female 40th birthday party cake

And with black flowers the cake is a luxury, no?

Don’t forget the details: birthday party chairs can also be decorated!

female 40th birthday party wearing black and white decorblack and white female 40th birthday partyfemale 40th birthday party black and white decoration


Hawaiian-style themed parties never go out of style but they do ask for some care. One of them is the city’s climate: it is necessary to do it in spring, summer and, if possible, during the day or evening. Doesn’t look good at a tropical party with sleet on the window, does it? It even works if the focus is on irreverence (a hot spot in the middle of the cold) but outdoors doesn’t look good. It’s a great theme for outdoor parties, barbeque parties and the like.

The decoration of a female 40th birthday party Hawaii themed has a simple, rustic feel with lots of colors and natural items like fruit, juice and colorful cookies. Think of a few items for guests to get in the mood like fruit cocktails, necklaces and Hawaiian skirts to hand out during the event. Don’t forget to perfect the themed menu with sweets and snacks that recall the environment.

Hawaii themed women's 40th birthday party

For this type of event, the more colors the better!

Hawaiian women's 40th birthday partyHawaiian Women's 40th Birthday Party IdeasHawaii themed women's 40th birthday party

Betty Boop

It’s not one of the newest characters on the market, but Betty Boop is a huge hit to this day and could be the subject of a beautiful female 40th birthday party. It may be a little difficult to find ready material but nothing that a good graphics does not help you create custom items and with the right items, it will be a beautiful party!

And for those who think Betty is new, she was a hit animated 1930s with her garter tights and a retro short dress. There are many drawings and images to inspire a beautiful decoration but they change little, she always has a body with a very thin waist, red dress and a lot of charm in her look. At least as a ball top the doll needs to appear.

Women's Themed 40th Birthday Party Photos

Black, red and white: three colors that go great with this theme.

  Betty Boop's Women's 40th Birthday Party

Changing the character’s colors to customize the party can too. How about lilac, pink or purple? Provençal furniture goes a long way with this type of themed party.

women's 40th birthday party betty boop pinkBetty-boop's girly 40th-partyBetty-boop-provencal women's 40th birthday partygirly-theme 40th-party-theme-betty-boop


One of the advantages of an adult birthday party is that you can invest in irreverent themes and the best part: guests love it! Why not a costume party? It could be a theme just like Harry Potter, something from the geek universe, or a free event but everyone needs to buy into the idea of ​​going in costume. Decoration can be freer or depending on the date of the event it can be something like Halloween or Carnival.

female 40th birthday party with costume40th birthday party girl in costume

Simple and Cheap

When the budget is not positive, it is not necessary to stop celebrating the birthday. The ideal is not to forget that the event is made for fun and for that you only need a space, a good combination of colors and a visit to prospect at craft stores and products for party decoration.

The main thing is to choose a main color and some complementary ones, or opt for a single color. The theme can be disco, which is very easy to build, or 70s, discomusic, bar, pub, among other options. Reserve a space in your home for a main table, an area for the guests and happy party!

simple feminine 40th birthday party decorationsimple female 40th birthday partycheap female 40th birthday partyhow to make a female 40th birthday party spending little

The secret to a beautiful birthday party is the choices, from the items on the cake table to the dashboard. You don’t need to invest a lot to have a beautiful party, just a clean style and very well selected products.

simple feminine 40th birthday party decorationfemale 40th birthday party photos


Want more ideas for decorating your party? Check out:

female 40th birthday party flower decorationclean female 40th birthday partyfemale 40th birthday party themesWomen's 40th Birthday Party Ideasdecorate female 40th birthday party

40 years old cake decorated

Don’t forget that cake is always an important attraction at a birthday party. It needs to be made with a nice filling to please a good part of the guests, attract attention and above all be delicious. Snow always have the same ambient colors and the same theme.

female 40th birthday party cakecake decoration for female 40th birthday party

Take care on top of the cake, one of the most important items in the decoration of the candy. Flowers are often used as neutral decorations when there is no specific theme at the party.

female 40th birthday party cake with flowerssimple cake for women's 40th birthday partycake decoration female 40th birthday party

Invitations for the 40th Birthday Party Woman

The invitation must have some essential items, whether virtual or printed: the theme of the party (which can be represented in images), date, time, address and the name of the birthday girl. In special cases such as a theme or costume party, it is important to advise that the guests must go out in character.

And if you don’t want to print the item, no problem: the virtual version to send via whatsapp or Facebook is super trendy. Just create some cool artwork and send it to your friends. But remember to do this in a private message so you don’t invite more people than you want.

female 40th birthday party invitation templatecustom invitation female 40th birthday partyidea for female 40th birthday party invitation

And if you want practicality and a ready-made invitation… we have it too!

invitation-ready-female 40-year-old partyinvitation-to-print-female 40-year-old party

Like our ideas of female 40th birthday party? Plan and yours and then tell us how it went in our comments!

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