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What to wear, not ano novo

What to wear, not ano novo

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He already knows that cor use not ano novo? The chorus of the roupa in the new year is one of superstitions more common throughout the world. The choice of cor da roupa is related to how it’s woven for or anus novo. And since we are missing a new year, there is nothing better than also make a renewal in the clothes and buy some new piece to use in this special night, not that it is a burner. If you want to follow the tradition, in a How do we count for you the meaning of each colour and how to use them.


The most used colour in Brazil in the night of Réveillon is brancogiven the strong influence of African culture and religion. You can use this one together with others or use it in a monochromatic look. This traditional chorus is for those who desire peace in the world, wisdom, calm and repel negative energies.

What to wear not ano novo - Branco

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Another race used a lot in the turn of the year is the pink It is ideal for those who are looking for love, harmony and effectiveness for the new year. If you want to be loved, to love and feel good about yourself, then look at yourself in the pink. It is also good to use the inner robe of the heart, an accessory, jewelry or a pink shadow in the makeup. Choose the pink volume you like best and dazzle in this night.

What to wear not anus novo - Rosa

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Yellow it

O love it It is ideal for those who are looking for money, wealth and knowledge for the new year. Therefore, if you want a year of success and prosperity, use the yellow in the turn of the year. If you want, you can also use the word “amarelo”, which means the same thing. Use this colour at the end of the year and get a faded look.

Que cor usar no ano novo - Amarelo

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Are you trying to start the new year with a burning passion? Then use the vermelho on the night of the end of the year! Red symbolizes peace, sensuality, desire and power. You don’t need to use the red in the complete look, you can use it only in a piece of clothing, in the lingerie or using only a red dressing gown.

What to wear in no anus novo - Vermelho

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The aim is to enter the new year in a calm and super zen way, then the blue é a sua cor. The blue choir symbolizes tranquility, peace of mind, patience, harmony and serenity. Combine a blue suit, T-shirt or jacket with a white piece, wear it in intimate blue robes or use accessories in this choir.

What to wear not anus novo - Blue

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O green It symbolizes hope and faith, it represents the energies of nature, of the beginning and of the balance. If you want to follow the old quote from “Ano Novo, Vida Nova”, bet in this heart! You can use the green colour only in your intimate room or in the shadow of your imagination.

What to wear not ano novo - Green

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Violet or lilac

O violet symbolizes transformation, sincerity, devotion and spirituality. You can use a piece of rag in this colour and combine it with the white or use a violet accessory.

What to wear in the new year - Violet or lilac

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For those who are waiting for that long-awaited promotion at work or are looking for a job, the orange It can be a cor ideal to dress in the turn of the year. This heart will give you the energy and strength you need to make that project so desired. You can use your look with an accessory in orange, to make these tones or a shoe.

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What to wear not ano novo - Laranja

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