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What to serve in a whipping cream: economical and tasty

What food to serve in a shake

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For Christian families, or beaten of a blade is without doubt a special occasion and usually the baby’s caregivers organize a celebration after the ceremony. There are as many types of menus as there are types of celebrations. For example, the menu type The choice depends on whether the celebration is in the daytime or in the evening, as well as on the number of guests, or whether we want to have a formal or more informal celebration. However, it is important to preserve the delicate elements that combine with this type of celebration. In order not to miss, in this article of umCOMO we give some ideas about what food to serve in a shake.

How to organize a simple shake-up: a restaurant

Prepare um whipping cream takes time and dedication. If you don’t want to have much work deciding what to serve on your blade or row, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on decoration at a whipping party, the most usual is to choose a restaurant where we offer a great variety of dishes. You can choose a place that is already traditionally frequented by the family, for example.

Quanto a who must pay on account of the restaurant, the rule is that whoever invites, pays. However, it is possible to combine the division of values with the family members, asking for contributions from the parents, sponsors, etc. At this time, the key word is dialogue!

Cardápio for a shake-up: churrasco

It doesn’t matter if you live in the North or South of the country: Brazilians love steak, and there is no doubt that gathering friends together to appreciate a tasty grilled meat is a national passion. Therefore, to make a smoothie is a great request for celebrations made by manhã. Thus, you can make the steak at lunch time, logo after the ceremony.

Food for blending

The family steak can be made at home, if there is space, or it is possible to have a steak at a country club. This type of whipping creamIn the case of the meat, it should be calculated approximately 500 grams of meat for each guest, being thus, in um whipping cream for 50 peopleThe ideal is to have 25 kg of meat but to accompany you.

Suggestion of cardboard for churrasco de batizado

Um bom cardboard box for churrasco de batizado You can count:

  • Different types of meat (picanha, maminha, alcatra, linguiça, etc)
  • White rice
  • Trophy Feijão
  • Farofa
  • Molho vinagrete or molho à campanha
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Pão de alho
  • Espetinho de queijo coalho
  • Coração de galinha
  • Frango handle
  • Salt of alfacete and tomato

No need for vegetarians: see how to make a legume steak. It is also necessary to decide beforehand if you will or will not serve alcoholic beverages, such as beer, sparkling wine, etc.

To find out more about the proportion of food per person and how much you will spend, use a steak calculator to program in advance.

What food to serve in a milkshake - Cardápio for milkshake lunch: churrasco

Simple and inexpensive shake pad

To save money on your shake, there is nothing better than preparing the traditional macaroni. This is a recipe that pleases everyone, besides being cheap and simple to make. Calculate 80g of massa for guestor, in other words, if you want to serve macaroni in shakeout padding for 30 peopleIn addition, more than 2.4 kilos of macaroni should be prepared.


Consult our category of macaroni recipes for more options simple and cheap shake-up padding. If you want a more sophisticated dish, you can prepare a delicious seafood macaroon.

Dica: in the celebration of the shake, you can also serve another type of food and choose a great variety of presumably, vegetables, nuts or fruits at a buffet. Serve a dish of starter and a freshly made salt before the main course.

You’ll be there. shakeout padding for 30 people or more, macaroni can be the best option because of the practicality of its preparation.

What food to serve in a shake - Simple and cheap shake

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Idea for a smoothie: bife à parmegiana

Uma das ideas for whipping cream simple é fazer steak à parmegianaThe prayer is simple and it takes time to please everyone. See below the necessary ingredients and also the way to prepare it:


  • 1 kg of beef;
  • 4 alho teeth;
  • Salt
  • 3 ovos;
  • 1 limão;
  • Threaded Farinha;
  • Oil;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 tin of tomato molho;
  • I choose mussarela.

Preparation mode

  1. Chop or chop the onion and temper the steaks, also adding salt to taste;
  2. Place the oil in a fridge and leave it in a medium fire until it is fertile;
  3. Break the eggs and place them in a dish with the lemon juice and beat them with a gouge until they become a homogeneous mixture. In another dish, place the screw cap;
  4. Pass the steaks into the egg mixture and, afterwards, into the screw-in flour;
  5. Leave the steaks fried until they are golden brown;
  6. After finishing the frying, place the steaks in a form, adding the molho and tomato and the queijo mussarela so that all the meat is covered;
  7. Place the steak in the oven for 5 minutes until it melts.

To increase or cardboard box for whipping creamIt makes rice, fried potatoes and a colorful salad. The recipe yields 5 portions.

If you want to serve wine in the whipped cream, you can be inspired by the article with ideas of accompaniments for each type of wine.

What food to serve in a milkshake - Milkshake ideas: bife à parmegiana

Simple and cheap whipping cream: macaroni au gratin

In a shake-up, both the lovers of the mass and of the one who loves it will go to cry for more with this extraordinary recipe that is made in a very simple way and in very little time. If you want to succeed with your family or friends learn how to make macaroni gratin with this simple recipe from umCOMO, a typical dish of traditional Italian cuisine that you can make in your own kitchen and is perfect for a whipping cream.

Ingredients for macaroni gratin

  • 400 g of macaroni;
  • 500 g of ground beef;
  • 4 ripe tomatoes;
  • 1 onion;
  • 150 g of thinned-out cheese;
  • 50 g of butter;
  • Olive oil;
  • Get out;

How to make macaroni gratin

  1. To start with us recipe for macaroni au gratinThe first thing we have to do is to get some water with a little salt and a little oil. When you start to cook, place the macaroni and let it cook for about 8 or 10 minutes (depending on how you like the dough: “al dente” or more);
  2. When the macaroni is cooked, drain it with the help of a drainer and pass the cold water over the top. Then, prepare the tray for gratin in the oven buttering on all sides to avoid grudging; if you don’t like the butter, you can spread olive oil on the tray. The aim of this step is to ensure that the dough does not get soggy when it is placed in the oven;
  3. Next, we should prepare the refogado for the macaroni gratin. To do this, paste the ripe tomato and raleSo, if you’re going to be there soon, make a reservation. Now stick the onion and chop it in very small pieces; when everything is ready, put a panela on the fire with a little bit of sugar, add a bit of salt to the onion and, when it is golden, add the ground meat. When it is ready to be served, add some jogue in the fridge or thinned tomato mixing all the ingredients.
  4. While the mold is made, it pre-warms the oven to 180ºC both at the top and bottom. When everything is ready for summer, pour the molho em cima do macarrão which is on a tray and mexa bem so that tudo fique molhadinho. To finish, add queijo The macaroni is cooked on top of the macaroni in a considerable amount so that when it is grilled, your macaroni is delicious.
  5. Place the tray in the oven and let it queijo gratineIt controls the way the target is shifted so that it can then start to pray and make more and more of a volume. It’s a very fast process that takes no more than 5 minutes. That is why it is advisable that you are in the kitchen selling the evolution of the macaroni gratin.
  6. When the grilled cheese is ready, it can be thrown into the oven and served immediately. For a more delicious touch, you can powder a little bit of oregano on top of the recipe and, thus, you will be tasting a typical dish of “bela Itália”. Bon apetit!
What food to serve in a shake - Simple and cheap shake pillow: macaroni gratin

Idea for cardboard shakers: frango hideout

Smoothie Pudding: What to serve? This is a very common question because we have to think of something simple to do rather than at the same time being tasty and pleasing to the guests, which can be difficult to find. One of the suggestions of simple and cheap shake-up padding é o frango hideoutThe situation is particularly favourable for a single-shake partys with next of kin. See how you prepare it.


  • 4 defiant frank dips;
  • 1 kg of sweet potato;
  • 1 tin of tomato molho;
  • 1 can of milho;
  • 1 chopped onion;
  • 2 alho teeth;
  • 1 colher of margarine soup
  • 1 pot of requeijão;
  • 500 grams of mussarela;
  • Get out.

Preparation mode

  1. Cook and defy the frankie. In the meantime, place the sweet potatoes for cooking;
  2. In a fridge, put margarine, onion or hot pepper, which must be previously chopped to be cooked;
  3. Place the strip in the refrigerator with the tempered;
  4. Add the tomato mollusc or salt to taste;
  5. Slide or fogo, add or milho e mexa;
  6. Remove the cooked sweet potatoes and make a purée by adding salt and cooking;
  7. In one way, place the mixture of frank and, on top, the mash;
  8. Chop the mussarela and place it on top of the recipe;
  9. Place the form on the medium heat for 10 minutes or until it is golden.

The recipe below yields 8 portions and the frango can be replaced by dried or ground meat.

What food to serve in a milkshake - Ideia for milkshake cardboard: frango hideout

Whipping Brunch

If the whipping cream is in the spring or summer, you will have more options to make the party free. In case you don’t come tomorrow, you can offer your guests an extraordinary brunch. Despite being of Anglo-saxon costume, this practice is becoming more and more known and many prefer this type of food at the time of making a shake. You can place another table with tabletops between whipping foodincluding bowling, chocolates or cupcakes, according to your preference.

Or what to serve at a milkshake brunch

Festa de baixa, or what to serve? The options are many:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Frios
  • Ovos
  • Fruit Salt
  • Quiches
  • Bowling
  • Cupcakes
  • Sukes
  • Sparkling wines

The secretion of a good whipping brunch (besides the carefully prepared food) is in the decoration. It prefers pasty and delicate colors, such as pink, blue and baby yellow. Laciniums and lights are good options. See more tips on how to decorate a shake.

What food to serve in a milkshake - Milkshake brunch

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How to prepare a milkshake brunch at home

This term, coming from English, mixes the concepts of breakfast ou café da manhã e lunch or lunch, creating a new time for this meal that starts at 11 am and ends normally at 1 pm, the perfect time for those who get up late to drink coffee but give way to lunch. An original tradition of England that was pushed back and in which it is possible to taste the coffee of tomorrow at the same time that drink a delicious mimosa (sparkling wine with orange juice) and it’s a promising day.

Now you confess each detail about how to prepare a brunch at home with the most emblematic dishes of this meal for you to enjoy a delicious meeting with your friends and family.

O segredo do brunch

Na hour of prepare a brunch at home It is important to consider some details to be fabulous, so we recommend:

  • That the start time is preferable to the 10h30 or 11h00In this way, you can serve all the complete and delicious dishes of this meal, as well as alcoholic beverages. Sim, the brunch is characterized precisely by having alcohol.
  • Apart from alcohol, coffee and sucos are also a must.
  • The idea is to serve the fields as in a buffet, so that each one can choose and mix according to his will.
  • You must offer a variety of alternatives without forgetting the basic ingredients of this dish: the eggs, different types of legs, sparkling wine and, of course, the desire to have fun.

Now you know what you’ve secreted, what dishes can you serve at brunchWe also discuss some of the most common brunch recipes:

Ovos Benedict

If you are planning a brunch at homeI knew that this dish could not be missed because it is the star preparation of any brunch. Made with smoked or presumed salmon, it is one of the most delicious and refined ways of eating eggs, and the recommendation is to calculate 2 per person unless he knew that one of his guests was not going to eat.

You don’t know how to prepare? You don’t have a problem, you will learn in our prayer how to make eggs Benedict.

Ovos mexidos and bacon

For the more classic ones, there is also an option that is delicious and simple to prepare. The ovos mexidos e o baconThe option that it seeks is not only typically American but also very expensive. You can either choose a generous dish of Mexican eggs and bacon or serve it with a pan base followed by bacon and eggs and leave everyone asking for more. Delicious!

Variety of products and sausages

Simple, but always good and delicious: a dish of cheese and various sausages cannot be missing at the time of prepare a brunch at homebecause it will serve to accompany in a harmonic and perfect way all the dishes to be presented.

To this delicious list of options, there should be twelve alternatives, because without variety there is no brunch, so write down the most usual ones.


How could we miss it? As pancakes is a classic of American cuisine that has already travelled the world. They should be served with nothing, but leaving on the table with alternatives such as butter, fruit jelly and, if you have man, syrup or maple syrup, with which this dish is typically served.

Some people like to accompany it with Mexican eggs and bacon, another option that can be added to the list of salted tastings. You don’t have any idea how to do it? In our article how to make American pancakes we explain in detail.

French Torradas

Easy to prepare and the loss of many, the French torradas are also very typical in the alternative dozens of brunch, so we invite you to increase the table if you want to expand the possibilities of those who love to start the day with options more dozens than saladas.

Varied Pages

For prepare a brunch at home in high style, the pão can’t be missing from the table. The ideal would be to serve at least two different types so that your guests can choose; in addition, you can also put a few dozen, such as minicroissants, cinnamon bolinhos, fruitcake or bolachas to date with gold leaf.

Fruits and vegetables

Uma boa fresh fruit salad and some iogurtes will also be highly valued among your guests, although with the huge list of options that we already propose until now the best will be to choose among some or to serve small portions, otherwise you will not need to eat more for days!

Mimosa and sparkling wine, a toast to the beaten

This is the best of brunches: you can serve a mimosa, that is, a sparkling wine with orange juice without a syrup, toast with champagne or any other option you prefer, such as white wine or beer. If the brunch for your house can serve what your guests like to enjoy a unique day and a lot of fun.

Other drinks that cannot be missed

In addition to the alcohol, in its brunch coffee, cow’s milk or vegetable leites, sucos and a little bit of water are not missing for those who need to eat all this food with something light.

A good suggestion: keep your digestion in check because after this meal you may need it.

What food to serve in a shake - How to prepare a shake brunch at home

Catering for home breading

If we wanted to celebrate at home there is catering companies that we can take to lunch by tying it up. First, you will have to choose a menu from the varied offer they have. Then, if you have a garden, you can organize your lunch or dinner and decorate it to your liking. It is a more familiar way that allows the guests to move freely in the garden. It is also an alternative that is a little cheaper than the restaurant, besides being sophisticated.

What food to serve in a shake - Catering for shake at home

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Beaten pebbles

You can surrender your guests with the pebble in the shake-up pillow. Today, there are many possibilities to decorate the bowl: from placing lollipops, ursinhos, to placing the baby’s picture. Surprise your guests with a marvelous bowl. These are the details that guests never miss!

Capriche também nos docinhos: brigadeiro, beijinho, cajuzinho e outros são sempre um sucesso. You can also set up a table with bullets. If you have extra money, it is also possible to hire someone to prepare some cotton twelve at the party. Your guests will love!

Dica: as a lembrancinha for whipping, prepare good food for the guests (the typical pão de ló served in marriage as bemarado).

What food to serve in a milkshake - Milkshake bolus

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Bowling Recipes for Smoothie – Simple and Cheap

If you are going to prepare the bowl for the mix, here are some easy and inspiring recipes that when well executed are perfect options for smoothie pins:

Traditional bowling

Bolo, pão-de-ló, bolo esponjoso… chame como quiser, mas o resultado será sempre o mesmo: um single bolusesThe product is quick to prepare and at the same time delicious. The fact is that making a bowl has no mystery and can be made with ingredients that you certainly have at home, such as flour, sugar and eggs. In unCOMO we have two different recipes of traditional bolus that are very simple to make:

Igourte bolus

A variant of the basic bolus is to add iogurteWhether it’s natural, lemon, or the flavor you prefer. In addition, it is the Igloo flake that will serve as a reference measure for the rest of the ingredients of your spongy bolus. So don’t wait any longer and discover in our recipe the steps to follow to make a bolus of iogurte. You’re going to love it!

Chocolate bolus

And for chocolate lovers… a tasty chocolate bolus! You can add chocolate to the mass, cocoa powder, chocolate sauce or the version you like best. We offer you different recipes:

Bolo de limão

A classic among bowling is its version of limãoAn excellent gift for any occasion: morning coffee, boats, after-dinner drinks… In addition to the essential ingredients that you will use to make any other bolus, you should only add the raspas do limão and follow in detail the steps that we explained for you in the article about how to make a lemon juice bowl.

Orange pebble

And for those of you who prefer orangeIt’s also possible to enjoy a tasty citrus bolus. In this case, in addition to the raspberries, you should also add the orange juice to flavour the bolus even more; we suggest you visit our recipes:

Sugar free boulders

We don’t want any of you to go without eating a bolus! The diabetics You will also be able to enjoy the pães-de-ló and bowling in its sugar-free version. For this, it will only be necessary to use sweeteners suitable for diabetics, such as stevia or liquid saccharin. For this reason, do not take any more time and discover how to make a non-sugar bowlWe even explain to you how to substitute sugar to make your daily life easier.

Semi-gluten bolus

Coeliacs I will also not have any complaints, because even though the original bolus recipe is made from wheat flour, it is also possible to prepare other types of flour suitable for coeliacs. Therefore, you will only have to substitute this ingredient and follow the instructions of our recipe about like fazer um bolo sem glúten.

What food to serve in a milkshake - Milkshake bowling recipes - Simple and cheap

Entering the children during the mixing

If there will be more children at the party, it is good to hire some work done by childcare centres or animators to entertain them. Some suggestions are:

  • Dança das cadeiras;
  • Sack race;
  • Caça ao tesouro:
  • Gymkhanas;
  • Pique-hide;
  • Estoura-balão.

For more information, check out our article that you will be able to participate in a children’s party.

It is intended to read more articles similar to What food to serve in a shakeWe recommend that you enter our category of Casamentos e Festas.

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