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Unicorn Baby Shower: Inspirations

Unicorn Baby Shower – 30 Super Cute Unicorn Decorations!

Are you thinking about making a unicorn baby shower? This is one of the cutest themes today and is here to stay, so much so that it has been the theme of children’s party, adult and baby shower.

These mystical creatures are beautiful, reminiscent of the babys’ purity and innocence. If you choose this theme and need inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. In this post we will show you 30 beautiful unicorn baby shower ideas with decorations, cakes, invitations, souvenirs and tips to make an event unforgettable.

Unicorn Baby Shower Decoration Tips

The colors of the unicorn baby shower are more neutral and in pastel tones. Although it is a very colorful theme, the colors harmonize perfectly and therefore it has everything to do with the arrival of a new baby in the family.

Unicorn Baby Shower: InspirationsUnicorn Baby Shower: Inspirations

In the decoration of the unicorn baby shower the colors of the rainbow are generally used, but it is also possible to choose a color palette with shades of pink or blue.

Unicorn Baby Shower: InspirationsUnicorn Baby Shower: InspirationsUnicorn Baby Shower: Inspirations

Unicorn Baby Shower: Decor comletra

Personalized decorations are always unforgettable and there are many ways to personalize. Using the letters that form the name chosen for the baby is one of them. You can use these letters of paper or with MDF. It is beautiful to use on the main table, especially if it gives a special touch with flowers and bright details.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Decoration with panel

The natural flowers will enhance any type of unicorn baby shower decoration. The atmosphere is cozy and has everything to do with the theme of the party, because in mythology unicorns live in the forests.

You can use the flowers in different ways: in pots, in place of the bow, in arrangements, among other options. It is also possible to mix natural flowers with paper flowers.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Decoration with MDF letters

Unicorn Baby Shower: Decoration with paper flowers

Unicorn Decoration: The golden details highly value the decoration. It’s nice to combine gold with shades of pink, especially light pink.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Tulle Decoration

The balloons with the unicorn face are cute. You can use balloons of larger sizes or the common ones. It is also a good idea to decorate the tables of the guests.

Unicorn is a party theme that inspires delicacy and simplicity, so the decoration does not need to be crowded with ornaments. In the photo we can see a harmonic combination of elements, without the need to rent a complete decoration.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Decoration with transparent balloons

For those who are going to make the unicorn baby shower at home and do not want to spend on decoration rentals, the tip is to improvise. You can use a table that you have at home and that is large. The TNT towel is an inexpensive option that looks great. Another possibility is to rent only the towels.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Balloon Decoration

Use what will be served at the party as part of the decor. Personalized sweets are a hit and are part of the decoration composition. They are more expensive sweets, but they will leave your table amazing, besides that you don’t need to make in large quantities since it will not serve more units than the ones on the table.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Flower decoration

Deconstructed arch: trend for children’s theme decorations

The deconstructed arch came to replace the traditional arch. It is a creative and personalized arc, as one will never look like the other. The tip is to use balloons with the colors of the rainbow and make some points of light with golden, white and transparent balloons.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Simple decoration

Unicorn Baby Shower: Decoration with green curtain

The pink tulle table skirt looks amazing and goes well with this theme. It is an alternative for those who do not like working with TNT and is cheaper than other types of towels. The tip is to sew the towel skirt with elastic, so you can easily remove it and use it in other decorations if you wish.

The fabric panel looks amazing in the unicorn baby shower decoration. The fabric most used by decorators is oxford, but it is also possible to use a softer fabric to assemble as in the photo. The highlight of the unicorn on the panel can be made with EVA or cardboard paper.

The tip is to get a template from the internet to ensure that the design will be perfect. Enlarge the image and print in separate parts to assemble the large drawing.

Decorated Unicorn Cake Pictures

Do you know that wonderful cake that you look at and feel sorry for it is so beautiful that it is? Yes, we are talking about unicorn baby shower cakes. It’s so cute that this is the item that draws the most attention in the decoration of the main table.

The cake can be decorated with American paste, whipped cream, rice paper or even in the scenographic version.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with golden icing

Unicorn Baby Shower: Round Cake

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with flowers

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with 3 floors

The scenographic cake allows for details. They are usually made with EVA or biscuit. If you are going to rent the decoration for sure, a fake cake will come in the combo, so you can invest in a simple decoration cake to serve the guests.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with unicorn top

The top of biscuit cake is a hit at every kind of party, but let’s agree that there is a cuteness in the unicorn baby shower cake, right? The top can be personalized with the baby’s name and have the same colors as the rest of the decoration.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with American Paste

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with 2 floors

Golden Ballerina: It is a simple detail that makes the cake even more beautiful and fluffy, in addition to making the cake taller and gaining prominence on the main table.

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with whipped cream

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with pink whipped cream

Unicorn Baby Shower: Cake with 2 floors

Invitations and Souvenirs

The unicorn baby shower invitation should be delicate and cute, as well as all the decor. Creative and crafted invitations are the most successful and show that the party will also be neat.

Although this is not the intention, when making a more elaborate invitation, people tend to buy better gifts and even look better for the event.

  Unicorn Baby Shower: Invitation Card  Unicorn Baby Shower: Scrap invitation

Scrap Invitation: Playing with the textures of different papers and other materials makes your invitation unique and personalized.

  Unicorn Baby Shower: Digital Invitation

The digital invitation for the Unicorn baby shower is super creative, but it does not replace the paper invitation. Not everyone has access to social media, but it is a good way to remind guests about the event.

When it comes to unicorn baby shower favors, the utility versions have everything. It is very annoying to see the guests throwing away the souvenirs, so it is necessary to give them a use, such as a jar of candies, key chains or a biscuit unicorn with a spiral photo holder. See the inspirations we’ve selected for you:

  Unicorn Baby Shower: Biscuit Souvenir   Unicorn Baby Shower: Acrylic souvenir

Pots decorated with biscuit: They can be used in the decoration of the main table, as a centerpiece and it works very well as a souvenir. The tip is to make the most of sweets.

  Unicorn Baby Shower: Keyring for souvenir

Biscuit Keychain: The ideal souvenir for those who want to charm guests with so much cuteness and is still a useful option. Who is not enchanted by these niceties?

Did you like our unicorn baby shower inspirations? Do you already know how to prepare your event? Leave your comment.

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