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fantasy ideas and models

The 70 Most Awesome Men’s Halloween Costumes This Year!

October is coming and it’s time to start thinking about the Halloween costume, after all at this time there are always some parties. And if that doubt of men’s Halloween costumes hits, the post brings incredible inspirations for men to enjoy the parties dressed with a lot of creativity.

So if you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking, let’s go to the post to see creative ideas for men’s Halloween costumes!

fantasy ideas and models

Men’s Halloween Costume Photos and Ideas


simple fantasy

If you want to take advantage of everything you already have in your closet to dress up in a simple way, the proposal here is to become a tourist.

For costumes, bet on the look of a Brazilian tourist, with a printed shirt, shorts, flip-flops, hat and sunglasses. And to complete the characterization, there is no lack of accessories with a flag and a camera around the neck.

simple and creative idea

For those who are not willing to spend on men’s Halloween costumes, the proposal here is to become the character Clark, who gives life to Superman.

Clark’s costume is super simple to make, and all you need is a T-shirt referencing the super hero. Over the shirt, put on a shirt and leave it slightly open to show the character you are hiding.

Oh, and the glasses used by Clark to give a more nerdy look to the character can’t be missing.

Popeye costume

Popeye’s costume is only complete with the pipe

simple lumberjack costume

Lumberjack look includes beard/mustache and ax

simple Aladdin costume

Aladdin’s costume got a stuffed monkey on his shoulder

fantasy game

The fantasy was inspired by The Sims games

simple man fantasy


van gogh fantasy

If you are looking for ideas for men’s and creative Halloween costumes, the proposal here is to become the famous painter Van Gogh, but the costume is more than that, and brings the idea of ​​transforming into a painting.

For the original costume, the makeup was done as if they were brushstrokes of paint on a frame, and the outfit follows the same style, giving the idea of ​​a hand-painted frame.

Charlie Chaplin costume

A world classic is the character Charlie Chaplin, who can be an inspiration when it comes to men’s Halloween costumes.

To give life to the Chaplin character, bet on the look with social clothes, the face painted in white and with a mustache, and the classic cane.

little cape costume

The devil look is simple to make

creative fantasy

Special makeup characterizes the ventriloquist puppet

halloween male makeup

The special makeup gives the effect that the playing cards cut the face

horror fantasy

The costume is inspired by the killer doll


ghost of the opera

To escape the classic white-sheet ghost costumes, the idea may be inspired by the movie “The Phantom of the Opera”.

The most sophisticated costume, brings a ghost in a very different style, with social costume, pink in the hand, and the white mask hiding part of the face, and bringing the most faithful proposal to the opera’s ghost costume.

victorian ghost

There are many ideas for ghost costumes, and an out-of-the-ordinary proposition is to adopt the Victorian ghost style.

The style refers to ghosts with an older and more sophisticated look, marking past centuries.

The costume includes more worn social clothes, skin lightly painted white and giving the impression of paleness, and period hair.

simple ghost

The white fabric forms the costume

simple ghost fantasy

The white fabric has only the eye region cut out

luxury ghost costume

The ghost is Victorian style

ghost fantasy idea

Vampire / Dracula

dracula costume

There are several ideas for men’s Halloween costumes, and among the proposals one of the inspirations is the character Count Dracula.

To be inspired by the look of the famous vampire, the idea was for the formal attire worn by the Count and his star medal that is highlighted on the white shirt.

However, the look doesn’t just stay with the clothes, but also extends to the special makeup that has more lined eyes and blood around the mouth.

vampire makeup

For those who are thinking about becoming a vampire, you can’t miss the inspiration in vampire makeup.

To transform, bet on a paler face and more marked eyes, leaving a darker and heavier look. Also, don’t miss the blood flowing from your mouth.

vampire fantasy man

The long canine characterizes the costume

male vampire fantasy

The makeup simulates blood running from the corner of the mouth

man horror fantasy

Zombieeasy zombie fantasy

Halloween calls for men’s Halloween costumes with a scarier and more striking touch, and a proposal that is on the rise is the zombie look, which has even been adopted by actor and singer Fiuk.

To follow the look, bet on torn clothes and the special effect that the makeup is capable of giving, such as eyes well marked by dark circles, visible veins and details that simulate blood on the clothes and on the face.


The most striking look of the zombie costume can also be seen with social clothes, as in this idea where the clothes gained a touch of old and worn out.

On the face, makeup highlights the tired look with marked eyes and pale skin. And it is this set that gives the perfect characterization.

zombie makeup

The clear lens characterizes the look more

zombie makeup with contact lens

Makeup values ​​the idea of ​​visible veins

undead fantasy

Joker / Joker

simple wildcard costume

For those who follow the Batman comics and movies, you’ve certainly seen the villain Joker, a very striking character in the story.

The idea of ​​becoming the character, includes a very striking look with green hair and special makeup, where the face is whiter and with extended lips.

suicide squad fantasy

Another idea for men’s Halloween costumes is to become the Suicide Squad Joker.

In characterizing the character, the idea of ​​green hair is maintained and the makeup changes a little, as the lips are now just red lipstick and without extending the mouth.

Joker cosplay

The purple suit characterizes the costume

joker makeup

Makeup completes the look

Suicide Squad Joker Fantasy

The hair dyed green completes the characterization.

simple wild ideawild batman costume

The purple coat completes the costume



There are several ideas for adopting men’s Halloween costumes, and one of them is the classic circus clown look.

The proposal brings the idea of ​​an animated clown with colorful clothes, where the makeup marks the most cheerful and not scary look.

evil clown costume

If the idea is a heavier and more classic look of Halloween costumes, the proposal is to become an evil clown.

In characterization, the makeup pulls to a darker version, where the color goes far and the look becomes more striking and less attractive and exciting.

clown makeup

The colorful wig completes the clown look

simple clown costume

The makeup leaves the characterization of a sad clown

evil clown

The makeup reinforces the idea of ​​an evil clown

clown ideahalloween makeup

The striking makeup of the idea of ​​a big mouth with visible teeth


skull fantasy

There are several ways to transform into a skull, and one of them is to adopt a special makeup that emphasizes the idea of ​​a skeleton.

In the characterization, the outfit is all black and white, and the height of the fantasy is the face makeup in black, which resembles the features of a skeleton, with well-defined eyes.

mexican skull fantasy

One of the male Halloween costume variations is the Mexican skull, inspired by the Day of the Dead, a very common Mexican tradition.

The look brings the makeup of a skull, but in the most colorful style and full of details that make the look less somber and still portrays a tradition.

skull makeup

The whitish face marks the skull makeup

Mexican skull

In addition to the Mexican skull makeup, the look complements the idea

creative skull makeup

Makeup leaves part of the face visible

skull lookskull fantasy man

The skull makeup extends to the neck

skull look

How to Make a Men’s Halloween Costume Step by Step

And if the invitation to a party came up, but you’re out of ideas for men’s Halloween costumes, we’ve separated tutorials for simple costumes to make and inspirations for improvised costumes, so you don’t miss the party due to lack of time to think about the costume.

Mexican Skull Makeup – step by step

For those who want to be inspired by “Dia de los Muertos”, a great idea is to adhere to the Mexican skull costume, and this costume must have a special make-up.

mexican skull makeup step by step

  • Apply black eyeliner to the eye water line.
  • Paint the entire face white using pancake or face paint;
  • Wait for the paint to dry;
  • With a black eyeliner draw a picture around the eyes;
  • Fill in the design by painting with black face paint and then draw the nose;
  • Paint your nose black and make a black streak over your cheeks;

step by step male fantasy

  • Draw a mustache over the mouth;
  • Draw the mouth as if it were sewn;
  • Smudge the black streak you’ve drawn over your cheeks;
  • Make a red outline around the eyes;
  • Finally, make drawings and outlines completing the Mexican skull makeup.

Simple Improvised Fantasy – step by step

Difficult for those who don’t know the classic character in the illustrations “Where’s Wally”. The character with his not-so-discreet clothing hid amidst a scene full of details, and really went unnoticed when looking not attentive.

And for those who have dedicated themselves many times to looking for Wally, now you can take advantage of the inspiration and become the character for the Halloween parties.

improvised fantasy step by step

To become Wally, the first easy piece is to bet on traditional jeans.

Then come the accessories that bring the fantasy to life, such as the red and white striped blouse, the cap, and the glasses with thicker and more visible frames.

Simple Fantasy to Make – step by step

And who has never looked for simple and cheap costumes?

If you are looking for ideas of this type, the proposal here is to be characterized as a mime. The simple costume to make is still fun at the party, after all you can enjoy the look and put your gestural skills into practice.

simple step by step fantasy

To compose the costume, bet on the white and black look, consisting of dress pants, striped shirt, beret, suspenders, white gloves and dress shoes.

And the costume doesn’t end there, in addition to dressing the clothes, also bet on special makeup to complete the look and characterize yourself completely.

Have you already chosen your model? If so, now just wait for the party invitations and enjoy!

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