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Pocoyo Party – Decoration Tips & 47 Super Cute Inspirations!

The colorful and cheerful image of the Pocoyo drawing attracts the eyes of children and if your child loves to watch this children’s series, the idea of ​​choosing the theme for the Pocoyo party is already there.

The children’s party theme is a great choice for girls and boys, and can even be a theme for the party shared between siblings, bringing a colorful and unisex decoration.

And if you like the idea of ​​the Pocoyo party to celebrate the children’s birthday, we have brought many tips and inspirations to get into the theme and make a beautiful party with the theme in every detail.


Pocoyo Party Decoration Tips


Provencal decoration

If the idea is to make a delicate and colorful children’s party, the Provencal style is a great choice to bring delicacy and even minimizes the color with the white furniture, as is the case with this decor.

In the proposal, the white table is the base of the decoration that brings together colorful and cheerful elements, and brings among the treats and ornaments, characters from the drawing in the form of plush.

colorful party decoration

Another inspiration for the Provencal party is this idea, where the delicate white table marks the style amid a cheerful and very colorful decor.

For the decoration, the idea was to make a background panel with colorful fabrics – red, yellow and blue – and with the name of the birthday boy.

On the table, the color of the pieces and treats is repeated, which makes the Pocoyo party colorful and with the children’s proposal on the rise.

children's party

Colored balloons form a frame around the bottom panel

kids party theme

White furniture gives softness to the colorful decor

children's provencal party

Blue bladders decorate children’s party


party at home

For those who do not want to let the birthday go blank and are thinking of having a simple party at home with just a cupcake to celebrate the children’s birthday, the Pocoyo theme can also be an inspiration.

In this case, the glass-topped dining table was the basis for the decor, which brings colorful supports for the sweets, jars with balloons and a cake in the center of the table.

To complete, the table was decorated with a sign of colored cubes with the name of the birthday boy.

simple decoration

Another idea to make the Pocoyo party at home is this decor. In the proposal, the decoration starts with the wall, which has colored circles, forming a background panel.

The white table gave way to colorful molds of sweets and plushies that refer to the design.

The decor also brought balloons, white flowers and a colorful 2-story cake.

home party decor

Pennants form the name of the birthday boy

decoration with crepe paper

Crepe paper was used to form the bottom curtain in the decor

garden party

The garden party is happy

Sophisticated / Luxury

luxury party

For those who are thinking of having a bigger party, you can hire a decorator and get inspired by this idea, which is full of details.

The Pocoyo party was decorated with a background panel with a drawing backdrop and a blue balloon frame.

The color on the table appears in every detail and to give delicacy to the decorative design of the party, the idea was to include yellow flowers and ferns, giving a more cozy look to the children’s party decor.

decorated party

Another idea of ​​a Pocoyo themed luxury party is this inspiration that brings the party colorful and decorated with balloons.

The bladders appear as a frame on the bottom panel and on the sides of the table, with the effect of one bladder inside another.

For the table, instead of a towel, the idea was to use a personalized cover with the name of the birthday boy. And the composition of the space divides space between sweets, cake, plushies and many colorful elements.

sophisticated party

The blue background bears the name of the birthday boy

children Party decoration

The cake is highlighted in front of the table

luxury decor

Colorful balloons decorate the sides of the table

Bolo Pocoyo Decorado Pictures

Simple / Whipped Cream

blue and pink cake

For those who are looking for ideas of a simple cake decorated with whipped cream, you can be inspired by this model of 2 floors.

In the option, each floor of the cake is a color – blue and pink. And to leave the themed candy for the Pocoyo party, the idea was the top decoration, made with decorated cookies, bringing a character from the drawing and the initial of the birthday girl’s name.

colorful simple cake

Another possibility for the simple decorated cake is this 1-story cake inspiration decorated with colorful whipped cream.

The cake mixes 3 colors – blue, yellow and red, making the simple cake stand out.

To make the cake thematic, the bet was on the top of a simple cake on paper and personalized with the name of the birthday boy.

whipped cream cake

The cake is a mix of blue and white

whipped cream cake ideas

American Pasta

American Paste Cake

The round cake is 1 floor

For those who want ideas of cake decorated in American paste and with the theme of the Pocoyo party, you can be inspired by this proposal, which brings every detail of the cake in American paste.

The round, white-covered cake bears the birthday boy’s name on the front and colored stars all over the candy.

To the top, the idea was to reproduce some characters from the children’s drawing in American paste, completing the idea of ​​the thematic party.

American Pastry Decorated Cake

Another suggestion for the American pastry cake is this proposal for a small, round cake.

In the option, the cake was covered with blue American paste, forming a backdrop, as if it were a sky.

The decoration also personalizes the cake with the name and age of the birthday boy.

And at the top the decoration was made with the characters molded in American paste.

2-story American pasta cake

Ideas bring 2-story cakes

With Rice Paper

simple blue cake

For the cake decorated with rice paper, the choice of the item brings the characters of the design decorating the surface of the cake.

To cover the rest of the cake, the decoration was made with blue whipped cream in a piping nozzle, which gives texture and effects to the icing, adding an extra detail to the simple cake.

round cake with rice paper

The blue whipped cream has a lighter shade

A simple cake option that does not require decoration with cake top is this proposal that brings rice paper with the theme of children’s celebration.

For the round cake, the bet was to use a rice paper decorating part of the surface of the candy and the rest of the decor was made with white and blue whipped cream.

rice paper cake ideas

Invitations and Souvenirs

Invitation Cards

If you have already decided that the theme of the party will be the Pocoyo design and you are already getting inspired by every detail of the post, we brought you a little help with invitations to edit and print for free. Thus, the invitation maintains the theme of decoration and we have already advanced one of the details of the children’s party.

invitation print freeinvitation to editfree invitationinvitation template

Giftspersonalized tube

And for the guests to leave the Pocoyo party with a souvenir, it is worth taking inspiration from this idea of ​​making buns filled with colorful treats and with a personalized label.

The simple souvenir is easy to make and still leaves the personalized treat with the name of the birthday boy.

biscuit souvenir

The old suitcase serves as support for the souvenirs

Another idea for the buns is this inspiration, where the candy stands were decorated with the characters in biscuit.

In addition to being used as a treat to give at the end of the party, this souvenir can still be a good idea to compose the decoration and decorate the main table of the Pocoyo party.

felt souvenir

To vary a little between the souvenirs of the Pocoyo party, the suggestion here is to make keyrings out of felt, where each keyring can be represented by a character in the children’s drawing.

creative souvenir

The towels were rolled up like rollers

souvenir ideas

Now just take advantage of all the ideas and make the most of the details!

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