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Phrases to thank or anniversary

Phrases to thank or anniversary

If today is your anniversary and you want to be good with everyone, you can subscribe to Facebook, Whatsapp, phone, twitter or personally, you have reached the right article. The following will give you a list of phrases of anniversaries, advices and ideas that will certainly help a lot.

Thank you or anniversary not Facebook

Many people have parabenized by Facebook and you have many ways to thank them:

  • Curtindo seu comtário, que normalmente será em sua linha do tempo, e depois fazendo um agradcimento geral em sua página.
  • Answering one to one of the comments, be careful because you have to answer to all or not at all.
  • Sending a private message to the most important people who have congratulated them.

Some phrases you can use are:

  • “The greatest surprise in my anniversary was to enter a new era and see the great number of achievements of all the people I like”. To all of you, dear friends.”

Personal Thank You or Anniversary

When they congratulate you on your personal anniversary you can do several things:

  • Se for uma garota dar-lhe dois beijos e agradecer-lhe seus parabéns.
  • If you want to give him a hand and if you are more confident, give him a hug.
  • In both cases, you can thank them by saying “The best is to be with the people of those who love us” or “Obrigado por pensar en mim” or “Que o possamos comemorar por muitos anos más”.

Thank you or anniversary for Whatsapp

More and more people parabenizam hair Whatsapp and a good way to say thank you is to place an emoticon of obrigado or a beijo or similar. Surely you are creative and will find original ways to thank.

List of Love Phrases

  • I was very touched by your beautiful words. I thank you for letting me know that you wish me well and for being with me on this important day. I like you very much, my friend.
  • I would like to receive a message for my anniversary more than any other present, as this shows me how much they appreciate me, I love to read the accomplishments of each of you.

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  • It is not too much to thank for the congratulations, with an Obrigado and a small sentence is enough.
  • Try to personalize your thanks, as people want to feel special.

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