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Paw Patrol Cake Fakes Templates

Paw Patrol Cake – 60 Inspirations with Cute Decorations!

After the birthday boy, certainly the Paw Patrol Cake is the main star of the party. After all, a birthday party without a beautiful and super tasty cake is not a real party, right?

PAW Patrol, Patrulha Canina, is an animation that has Canadian origin, but that quickly won over children from all over the world. It’s about the story of Ryder, a 10-year-old boy, who leads 6 puppies that save the community with various missions. It is a drawing that shows the fidelity and strength of friendship between children and pets.

The Patrulha Canina cake is all worked with this adventure scenario. It is a more beautiful model than the other, which is a shame to have to cut. If your little one chooses this theme to celebrate their birthday, but you need suggestions to make a beautiful Paw Patrol cake, you have come to the right place! We will show you 60 wonderful inspirations that will be difficult to choose which one is the most beautiful. Let’s embark on these adventures?

Paw Patrol Cake Ideas and Pictures

The Patrulha Canina cake has many versions and can be made with different types of ingredients: American paste, icing, powdered milk paste, whipped cream, rice paper, among others.

The Paw Patrol fake cake is also synonymous with success and we will show you all these models below so that you can choose which one best suits your party.

Paw Patrol Cake Fakes TemplatesPaw Patrol Cake Fakes TemplatesPaw Patrol Cake Pink ModelsPaw Patrol Cake Pink ModelsPaw Patrol Cake models with 2 floors

From Pasta

The American paste is a magical ingredient that in the hands of those who know how to model well allows to create incredible cakes. Generally, they are cakes with 2 floors or more suitable for parties with many guests.

2-story American Paw Patrol Cake

Working with this material requires a lot of technique, so it is the type of cake Patrulha Canina that costs more. The paste is already more expensive than other types of ingredients used in the icing of the cake and the modeling is a true work of art.

Due to not having much flavor, the American paste combines with any type of filling and dough. If you are going to make the Paw Patrol cake with American paste at home, our tip is to cover it with a thin layer of paste so as not to interfere with the texture of the cake or make it sickening to eat.

American Paw Patrol Cake with 3 scenarios

The cake is one of the most important parts of the party, so it is very important to bring cute and fun elements to the cake decoration.

Paw Patrol cake of American paste with 2 floors blue and redBlue round American Paw Patrol cakeAmerican Paw Patrol Cake with red bow

The cake made with American paste cannot be kept in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is a very humid environment and this humidity ends up going all over the cake, so it is best to leave it at room temperature.

Prefer to use baked fillings that can stand out of the fridge for a few hours. The decoration with the paste must be done on the same day of the party.

Round American Paw Patrol Cake decorated with green color

With Rice Paper

In party supply stores you will find several rice paper designs with very vivid colors and incredible clarity. In order for the paper to be very neat on your Paw Patrol Cake, it is necessary to use the glitter gel to finish it, it prevents it from tearing or from getting that ugly crackle look.

Paw Patrol Cake with rice paper and white and blue whipped cream

Rice paper is considered a simple decoration, but even if this type of cake is simpler than other types such as American paste using creativity, it is possible to make a beautiful model like the one we separated in the photo.

Paw Patrol Cake with rice paper and whipped creamPaw Patrol Cake with rice paper and green whipped cream

In addition to buying ready-made rice paper you can also order one with the name and even the photo of the birthday boy.

Paw Patrol Cake with rice paper and red, blue and yellow whipped cream

Decorating the cake with whipped cream in the colors of the party theme is a great option to create a beautiful and colorful decoration on the candy table.

Paw Patrol Cake with round rice paperRound Paw Patrol Cake with rice paper and red and blue whipped cream

For simpler parties that will only be done with family members, this cake model can be a great option. That’s because at smaller parties we want beauty and whimsy, but without the need for large quantities to avoid waste.

Simple 1 Floor with Whipped Cream / Icing

The decoration of the Patrulha Canina cake with whipped cream is considered simple, but very beautiful. Whipped cream combines with the use of toppers and is also the most recommended option for finishing the sides of the cake decorated with rice paper.

Paw Patrol Cake 3 floors with whipped cream

Although whipped cream is used in small cakes, nothing prevents making one with two floors or more. You can dye the whipped cream with edible dye in the color you want, so it’s nice to make a floor of each color respecting the main colors of the Patrulha Canina theme.

Simple Paw Patrol cake with whipped creamPaw Patrol Cake 3 floors decorated with whipped creamPaw Patrol Cake 2 floors with whipped creamSimple round Paw Patrol cake with whipped cream

The toppers make the Paw Patrol Cake beautiful and very simple to make at home. On the internet you can find many images of the characters in the cartoon with great resolution. You need to print on photo paper, cut and paste on the barbecue stick. Then just stick it in the cake already decorated. It is a very simple type of decoration, but in combination with the colors it is very beautiful.

2 Floors or More

The cake with 2 floors or more is the right choice for large parties with many guests. Usually this type of cake is made with American paste, but you can also use whipped cream or rice paper.

Paw Patrol Cake 2 floors with little bones

A decoration option that is super hot to decorate the top of the cake are the cute toppers. They can be bought ready-made at party supplies stores or you can make yours at home in a simple way.

Paw Patrol Cake 2 floors with biscuit cake topPaw Patrol Cake 2 floors and birthday number of the birthday boyPaw Patrol Cake 2 floors with collar detail

The 2-story cake is the right choice for those who are going to have a big party and are looking for a beautiful and bulky table of sweets.

Paw Patrol Cake 2 floors with symbol of peronagensPaw Patrol Cake 2 floors white and yellow

It is nice to decorate each floor with some symbols that represent the animation, such as the puppies’ paws and the PAW Patrol coat of arms.


The Patrulha Canina square cake can be decorated with the same ingredients that we show in the other categories. The main difference is that the square cake has a higher yield than the round cake and is easier to slice in the right size.

You can invest in a beautiful square cake with 1 or more floors.

Paw Patrol Cake yellow and white square

For moms who have doubts whether it is possible to mix two types of decoration in a single cake, through this model that we separated it is possible to see that it is. In this very cute square model, the mother had the great idea of โ€‹โ€‹working with a beautiful decoration made with American paste containing the main colors of the theme and on top of it she applied a beautiful rice paper.

Paw Patrol cake square with green American pastePaw Patrol cake square with rice paper and American pastePaw Patrol cake square with American pastePaw Patrol cake square with whipped creamPaw Patrol cake square with colored paws

Patrulha Canina invitations are an important part of the organization of the party. Choosing the model that most lives up to that special day may not be such an easy task, because the invitations are the first impression that the guests will have on how the party will be. To assist in this mission we prepared a post with 50 templates of invitations of the absurdly beautiful theme to surprise the guests!


The Paw Patrol theme is considered ideal for boys and girls, but we also have the pink version for those who do not give up this delicate color in the decoration. The Paw Patrol Pink cake follows the same style of the party decoration and is super cute.

Paw Patrol cake pink decorated with whipped creamPink Paw Patrol Cake with 2 floorsPink Paw Patrol Cake with 2 floors and decorating toppersPink Paw Patrol cake decorated with American paste

The pink Paw Patrol cake can have several colors combining with different shades of pink, white and lilac to cause contrast. It’s cool to use your little girl’s favorite colors to decorate.

Pink Paw Patrol cake decorated with American paste


Skye’s Paw Patrol cake is also very pink, as she is one of the females in the puppy class. She is the most loved character by the girls and is very successful at children’s parties, so much so that she got a special โ€œthemeโ€ just for her.

Paw Patrol Cake Skye RoundPaw Patrol Cake Skye fakePaw Patrol Cake Skye pink and lilacPaw Patrol Cake Skye 3 floors

Skye’s Paw Patrol cake combines with light shades of blue, lilac, pink and white. These colors can be used in the American paste cake, whipped cream or even in the scenographic cake.

Paw Patrol Cake Skye pink, blue and whitePaw Patrol Cake Skye white and pink round

To carefully choose the Paw Patrol souvenirs, see the super cute post we prepared with 45 jaw-dropping models to surprise the guests!

By Kit Kat

Kit Kat’s cake is a hit with all the guests, adults and children. It allows you to make a super fun decoration. See some models to be enchanted:

Kit Kat Paw Patrol Cake with American Paste Characters on TopKit Kat Paw Patrol Cake with green bowKit Kat Paw Patrol Cake with topper

The Kit Kat Paw Patrol cake asks for colorful confectionery on top or chocolate shavings. This is a very colorful theme that you can combine any colors you want. To reference the animation you can use paper toppers, characters modeled in American paste or the top of biscuit cake.

Kit Kat Paw Patrol cake with blue bowKit Kat Patrol Cake with topper and blue bowPaw Patrol cake kit kat with topper and brigadeiros

This type of cake looks beautiful and is easier to decorate than with other ingredients. The technique is to assemble the cake normally and pass a brigadeiro, ganache or kiss on the sides to glue the chocolate bars. On top you can put brigadeiro, colorful confetti or sprinkles. To add a special touch, tie the cake with a red or blue satin ribbon.

Kit Kat Patrol Cake with red bow

EVA / Fake

The Paw Patrol cake is a hit at children’s parties. It can be made with biscuit or EVA and allows the creation of the most different scenarios on the cake floors.

Are you going to use the fake Paw Patrol cake at the party, but you still haven’t chosen the model that best matches the party decoration? Check out the super special post we prepared with 60 adorable fake cake ideas!

Paw Patrol Cake fake with 3 floorsPaw Patrol Cake fake with 3 scenarios

In the fake cake there is no limit, in some parties we can see cakes up to 6 floors high. The taller, more showy and colorful the Paw Patrol cake gets.

Paw Patrol Cake fake red, yellow and bluePaw Patrol Cake fake red, blue and whitePaw Patrol cake fake red and blue

EVA is one of the most used materials in making fake cake. It is very light and therefore allows you to create multiple floors. In addition it is a cheap material, easily found in any stationery and easy to maintain if you need cleaning. Because it is practical, most decorators work with fake EVA cake.

Paw Patrol cake fake red, green and whiteBlue Paw Patrol Cake

Did you like our Paw Patrol cake inspirations? Have you chosen the ideal model for your party? Leave your comment.

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