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Or what to give to the chef

Or what to give to the chef

When we want to keep it together good relationship com chefe of our company, will be present in its anniversary, Natal, or any other important date is good to keep the friendship and empathy. Regardless of whether you like it or not, it is certainly a good idea to keep in mind so that whenever you need to give him something, he will have you as his sympathizer and as the member of the present that you have given him. Or better yet, imagine giving him the name of your company’s secret friend? Or what to give to the chefThat’s what we’ll explain in this article from unCOMO.

Or what to give as a present for or a chef

The way to go, giving a person a gift is never easy. How many times have you not received a present of which I did not enjoy? How many times do you have a present and you are not sure that the person whose present you have is always a big problem. When we’re talking about your chefe It’s even better, because you can’t disappoint him, you have to win the trust of your boss. This can leave you stained in the image of him in various ways. Let’s go then to what you can’t give:

  1. Not a very cheap present or an exorbitantly expensive present. If it’s too cheap, you’ll be taxed cowboyIf you want to pay a lot of money, you will have to pay as a donkey for having paid a lot of money in a business gift. Obviously this depends on where you work, but keep in mind that you should spend no more than 3% of what you earn. If you earn, for example, 4000 reais per month, giving a present of up to 120 reais is optimal. If you receive 20000 reais per month, 600 reais are good size to please your boss.
  2. Try not to give out any lies that can, minimally, be a critic. Giving a self-help book, a perfume, a piece of clothing or make-up can be a wrong request, depending on how much the his boss for insecure or selfish. If you want to give a critique in it, you can do that, but I don’t recommend it. I think that your likes are not necessarily the ones you give.
O que dar de presente ao chefe - O que dar de presente para o chefe

Present for Chefe: or what to give, tune up?

Minha dica, honestly, é que você dê things that are related to your chef minimally. You can give a book by your favorite author or on a topic that he likes a lot, such as a book on the Second World War. A record of his favorite band can be perfect, as well as an entrance to a show he likes, such as a quality wine or who knows how to make a souvenir interesting, pra fastest gifts and that they will be of membership to his head.

Always keep in mind that a very expensive present gives you the image of spending, a very cheap one gives you the image of my cowboy. Present to your taste won’t be your taste, so, I thought that you are the one, for a while. Look for information about the things he likes most, try to find out more about him through the social networks and give him something he certainly likes. Give the chef a gift that you would give to a friend.

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Present legais for the chef

To give a good impression of your chef can help create a good relationship between you. Some ideas for the present for the future are very simple – however, you must always take into account the profile of the person you are presenting. If you like to run marathons, for example, it is interesting to give some advice related to this hobby: a squeeze, running clothes, sunglasses, etc.

If you are a chef, a good thing is to give a special panela, a temperament kit, a chef’s hat… Your imagination is the key! Evaluating your chef’s tastes, hobbies and interests (the social networks can help you a lot) is fundamental for choosing a present creative for chef.

Give present for chef rico It’s a little more difficult, of course. What can you give that he doesn’t already have? A good option in these cases is to get together with other work colleagues to buy together a gift that is more expensive – an addiction, a stay in a resort, finally, the choice of a good gift will always depend on the taste of your boss.

Um bom present for executive chef It is something that he can use in the many working journeys of the company. Fishing support for airplane, bad knees, a logbook or the subscription of a magazine or newspaper so that he can be distracted in the trip are good options for this type of chef.

Classic Chef’s Presents

If you just want to give a present without thinking too much about it, the classic presents for the chef are options without much mistake. See the suggestions of unCOMO:

  • Vinho
  • Caneta
  • Gravata
  • Caneca
  • Leek carafe
  • It’s good to play in a good restaurant
  • Etc

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Or what to give for minha chefe

Unfortunately, there are very few women chefs in Brazil. According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)[1]Although the Brazilian women represent more than half of the workforce in the country, only 38% of them hold management positions.

The main day to give present for your head is avoid being sexist. Calcinhas, sutiãs and roupas sensuais or very extravagant are deconselháveis. When you think “or what to give as an anniversary present for minha chefe?”The personality of the person is slightly different.

If you like accessories, you can jump and run. If she is vain, you can give her machines, bath products, and so on. However, not all women fall into these stereotypes of what is feminine: they guarantee the taste of their boss, always.

If you like drinks, a kit of home-brewed beers or a wine is a good option. You can also join a group at work and present it with relaxing massage sessions or with a day at a SPA. Finally, it’s time for women to have a double day (working outside and at home), and your chef certainly deserves a moment of rest and relaxation.

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O que dar de presente ao chefe - O que dar de presente para minha chefe

How to have a good relationship with the boss

The fact that there is a good communicative, loving and happy atmosphere at work is a positive point for everyone, because with a good atmosphere you will be more happy at work and more productive. Besides that, to have a good relationship with your boss It is fundamental that you want your passage through the company to be long-lasting and rewarding. In order for all this to flow, you must gain the trust of your superior and prove that you are valid in your position.

Now you know how to choose a gift for your chefWe give you some tips so that you can be seen by your superiors and be valued and recognized in your work. Learn how to have a good relationship with the boss I have as an ally; it will be very easy to be proactive, effective and efficient.

  1. Initiative and activity: It’s nice to see that your employees take the initiative, that they are active and that they are prepared to face any kind of problem. Treat the work as important, don’t be satisfied and show that you have a lot to contribute. In addition, you should not try to go over the top. Be a member: he is the boss and he is the one who makes the decisions.
  2. For have a good relationship with the boss must always be willing to assumir novos riscos or to give one more whenever it is necessary. This attitude will be a point in your favor, since your superior will see that he can trust you when things get complicated.
  3. Resolution: No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, you first. So, must be decisive and face the difficulties with a boa atitude. Involve yourself in your work and show that even if you make a mistake, you can correct it with ease, agility and good ideas. Don’t hide when something bad happens, your boss will appreciate that you are able to assume your own mistakes and to try to find a solution quickly. Responsibility, determination and audacity are values that should be enhanced.
  4. Know Your Chef and understand what you tolerate and what you don’t. There are many types of superiors, some more empathic, some less. As friendly as you are responsible, you should not to exceed the limitsso he can draw up problems. Always treat him with respect, because he doesn’t stop being your boss. Call yourself out.
  5. Show your character: if you want to have a good relationship with your boss, you should not be afraid of being a worker who is not working. You must understand that having a personality doesn’t mean being a despot, an unfriendly person, or a bad colleague. The arrogant attitude and the bribe will not be good to be good to your boss. See be noticed with sympathy and above all in the way of proceeding and working. Only in this way will he gain the respect of his profession.
  6. A sincerity is a crucial point to have a good relationship with your boss. If you don’t want something, say. Of course, with adequate words and with the appropriate education and respect. Please note that he is not a colleague. Being a good employee also implies saying things that you don’t like or letting your superiors know that you are committing injustices. Even if this point is daring, knowing well his boss can know what point he is making and how he can demonstrate his non-conformity. In addition, we do not recommend that this is done in all cases and in a roundabout way, because the courage that can be valued in the principle can become impertinence, which is something that his boss will hate.
  7. I respect each other: if you want your boss to respect you and treat you with respect, you must show him or her absolute respect. Before anything else, a superior is a superior, and that must be very much present. To be good to your boss is easy if you both want it that way. However, good treatment and cordiality should be present, even though it is more difficult than it is to establish another link with your superior.
  8. Keep your promises and not in evidence by his boss. His objective must be to show his values and aptitude for his job and not to disappoint, even more if he promises to achieve certain objectives. Be committed and you will get him to help you, if the situation is difficult.
  9. Know your preferences, more not a puxa-sack. Many chefs hate puxa-saquism, but you need to know what your chef wants to do to get back on track. In no case do we propose that he stops being who he is, but that he adapts himself to the personality of his chef. It is known that he doesn’t want to go to certain altitudes, the best is that he doesn’t have them. In this way, it will be assured that going to work will not become a hell. Not all chefs are the same: find out what your job is like.
  10. Faça-se valer and makes his head recognize his professional virtues. You must be brilliant at your job so that your chef perceives you and rewards you for it. It is appropriate to demonstrate your talent, your ideas and your objectives whenever you have the opportunity. He will certainly appreciate it.
  11. Showre-se self-confident and leave the media and insecurity behind. At the same time, we have to give ourselves courage and start to win. While it should be clear that your boss is your superior, in essence we are all equal, so you have to be honest. The measures will only show in your incapacity and insecurity. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should your boss do it?

In accordance with 5 sentences

Finally, read these five phrases which will go through your life and help you impress your boss, if you want to surprise him, give him a good image and make him think about his superior:

  • I have a solution.
  • I have an idea.
  • I’ll take care of it.
  • Eu posso fazer.
  • Posso ajudar?

Please remember that your words must be in accordance with your understandings. Contributing with ideas and solutions, wanting to help and improve and being always ready, will generate an excellent impression to your superiors, no matter how difficult they are.

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