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Or that offering meus sogros not Natal

Or type of present from natal for your friends will depend fundamentally (as in any other case) on the type of relationship you have with them, on the age of the same and on their costs and preferences. As soon as you maintain a distant relationship or don’t give it away too well, your present should be cordial and pass on a good image of it, and you will still have to deal with them several times and create conflicts of the type that is not good, since they are the country of your spouse.

Please take time to read two of the following

Avoid falling into the temptation to buy anything at all, if you are not with your spouse for a long time and not much of an idea of what your spouse wants, try to ask and discover, so that it may be possible to discover a specific desire that you would never discover in any other way because you do not seem to have much to do with your own desires.

Know their preferences

Always keep in mind the costs, preferences and hobbies dos seu sogros before thinking num present. For example, if your desire for history can give you a good book on the many topics that this subject includes, a biography of an illustrious person and even a pack of historical documents about an intriguing and interesting period as it was the Second World War. It is possible to apply the same technique with her rope: if she loves to cook, for example, then she does not hesitate and buys a book of recipes, some cooking utensils she knows she needs or an entry in a cooking workshop.

Careful with improper presents

There are cases in which, to make matters worse, we have sogros who simply do not like anything in particular, do not have any hobby or passion. If they are so, I thought in more generic details: a nice sweater for him, a pleasant perfume (which he knows he likes, very important) for him. In the case of fragrances, he never chooses something without knowing if he wears it or not, or if he already uses it regularly. Perfumes are a very personal gift and should only be offered if you know the taste in this respect, never start giving a gift that you do not know if it is or will be.

There is a fantastic idea that also serves as a gift for the anniversary rope, with no chance of displeasure: a voucher for one day in spa which includes some relaxing massagem, a mask, manicure and pedicure. This type of gift is more economical than you think and will be a charming detail, considered and without doubt quite useful! If your dream is also to enjoy a good anti-stress massage, then you can buy a package for the two of you to enjoy the day together.

Check below for some other suggestions of options for sogra in Natal:

  • Panetonebut it’s barely worth it. If you have a more refined rope, it is possible to acquire pontoons and chocolates in chocolate shops of more renowned brands that we do not find in the market. It is a great option for cheap ropes and there are many options, you can even choose to make your own panettone, if you want to give something unique and special. In these articles we explain how to make a panetone with a brigade and how to make a truffle panetone.
  • Portrait holder with a picture of the whole family including you or just a picture of you and your family, in case your relationship is very intimate. You can also choose to offer a portrait holder with only one photo of you and your partner.
  • Electronic accessories: If you want to present for sogra modern, buy accessories such as earphones or a box of water, in case you want to listen to music, or a pau de selfie, in case you want to shoot portraits.
  • CosmeticsAnd, finally, what woman wouldn’t like to receive them? If you think that you will buy a lot, then take advantage of the Natal to offer you the present. If not, you can put together a basket with various cosmetic products such as bath gel, body lotion, hand lotion, etc.
  • Bookela goste de ler case. It offers your dream a book that is, preferably, of your favorite author or that involves a topic in which you are interested. If you are looking for a good present for sogra evangelicaIf you are a Christian, a good option is to give a nice hard-cover version of the Bible.
  • Accessories like lenço, bolsa, carteira ou cinto.
  • Decorative object for the homeHe’s souber of some coisa that he’s trying to buy a little bit more. It is possible to have a good idea of what will please you by smelling the decoration of the house and buying something that will look good on the whole. If you try present for sogra religiosaIf you are a woman, look for a decorative object such as a beautiful representation of Jesus Christ that can be placed on the walls.
  • Uma basket of natal can also be an excellent option for a present with a birth certificate. Include in the basket all those typical coisinhas of the natal, you will love it.
  • JoiasBut he prefers something simple and without many details so as not to run the risk of displeasure. A good idea is to give a couple of ring jumps or a delicate bracelet.

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In addition, we will give you some suggestions of presents from Natal for your rope:

  • Mangrove gameI’d like to drink some chá melhor ainda.
  • Post-beard cream and lotionbecause it’s never too much to take care of our fight.
  • Uma wine carafeespecially if you are a wine lover. In this case, he prefers dry wines to soft but seasoned ones.
  • FerramentasIf you have a question, please ask the person who wants to keep you at home. There are kits of basic tools such as keys and martels that can be very useful.
  • Culinary articlesYou can use them as steak kits or a book of sophisticated recipes, if you like to cook and make a good steak with your friends.
  • BooksThe author of the book should be a person who is interested in the subject matter of the book.
  • Accessories like a gravata, a cachecol, a relógio, a belt, a swiss canivete, a chaveiro or a carteira.
  • Roupas as basic t-shirts are always good to receive and do not have who do not use.
  • Technological appliancesIf you want to be up to date with the latest technology, you should do so.
  • Sports articleslike a tennis club or a robe for bad luck. This is if you want to enjoy and practice some sport activity, such as running or climbing in the academy.
  • ChocolatesAs it is a special and commemorative date, try to find a little more refined chocolate in a special shop and avoid those easily found in the market. lembrancinha for sogro easy and cheap but still shows his love.

Sogra e nora podem viver em pé de guerra desde a era medieval! Olhares tortos, piadinhas de mau gosto, maldosos comments like: “Nossa como você engordou”, are already difficult to bear, but when they come from the rope, they end up with our good mood and can even destroy relationships that you have to give certainty. If you need to give a turn in this situation and if you give good with your rope, we have some advice:

Conquering sogra It is one of the most difficult tasks, and we are tempted by misunderstood rules for centuries. To please people in general is already difficult, imagine when that person is the mother who loves so much.

1. Show how much you love the blade of the

Mothers are usually more attached to their sons and when it comes to accepting a girl they are extremely judicious and sometimes they become even flatter because they hit the girl’s foot so hard. To tame you need to show how much you love your partner and how much you want to work with him. A real love cannot be wasted, he will understand that.

2. Be persistent

At first she may do everything to separate you, but in time she will be overcome by exhaustion. The most important is that you do not give up trying, one hour he will end up surrendering and being pacified by you, as well as by the edge of it.

3. Thanks to

Who doesn’t like to receive a mime from time to time, if you want to conquer her confidence, you will go “‘eating by the ears” with much patience and she will understand that she is not losing an edge, but gaining a new edge.

4. But it’s not a puxa sack

nothing but a person’s puxa sac, a cowboy’s puxa that agrees with everything a person says. Show that you have an opinion, if you don’t like something: well, if you like it, leave it clear, always be respectful and educated, which is the key to impress any person.

5. Show your culinary skills

It may seem like the past, but there are still people who are conquered by the mouth, and with the rope its no different. In the end, if you only want your child to be treated with love, and if you know how to cook, it will be the most important thing you will ever do.

6. Tenha seu parceiro como seu maior aliado

Many husbands, names and namesake are on the side of the mother when she exaggerates about protection in relation to the child. His partner has to be his biggest ally, he has to want him to move too. It is important that you take all the decisions together, and if you want a rope, it is necessary that the husband gives a fight from time to time. The one that happens between 4 walls should not be divided with the mother of the JAMAIS; for more that the one that will protect it has things that only I say respect to the house.

7. Be yourself

Or more importantly, when you want to conquer to sogra is to be you yourself, to show your qualities and to prove that you are certain that your partner is always saying for her: that you were born for the other. The most difficult part of you is already there: conquistar o filho delaIn view of this, she will be a mother with sugar, and who knows that mother will not pass to taste of you and begins to dedicate a little of that love to her too, finally a united family is the basis of happiness.

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