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Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Minnie Table Decoration – 25 Gorgeous Models for Your Decoration!

Minnie’s table ornament leaves the room complete and much more beautiful. Also called a centerpiece, this type of ornament is very successful and can also function as a souvenir.

If you are looking for Minnie table decoration inspirations you have come to the right place. In this post we will show 25 passionate models to make your party beautiful the way you always dreamed.

Minnie Table Decoration Ideas and Ideas

Minnie’s table ornament must be at least 10 centimeters high, as the goal is to attract attention. Usually the table has a lot of elements, such as bowls, plates, cutlery and napkins, so the ornament needs to be large, otherwise it loses its function and is lost among the other elements.

The classic decoration of Minnie is red, but the pink version is very successful and suits moms who do not want to give up this striking color. Below we separate inspiration models in two colors.

Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

To make a unique and exclusive ornament it is necessary to unleash the imagination and put creativity to work. You can use the templates we provide as inspiration and create your own piece.

Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Table Decorations


Inside the pink color many different shades fit, so it is important to make Minnie’s table ornament in the same tone as the rest of the decoration, so it is possible to create a visual harmony and establish the identity of the party.

For moms who have doubts about the model of the party decoration, we have prepared a special post with 55 beautiful decorations to be inspired and rock at your little Minnie’s pink party!

Minnie Mouse Table Decoration with Balloons

This is a Minnie table ornament made with balloons that children love. Minnie’s face balloon is metallic and costs around R $ 3 each.

The tall balloons are filled with helium gas so that they float in the air. To save on helium gas, the tip is to invest in the rod catches the balloon, it will add height to your centerpiece.

Pink Minnie EVA table ornament

The Minnie EVA table ornament is very successful at parties because it is a simple, beautiful and inexpensive option. In addition, using the molds it is possible to make at home without even having to order with a craftsman.

This centerpiece is full of candies wrapped in colored paper, both to give a special touch and to make weight, so there is no risk of the piece tipping over.

Pink Minnie Table Decoration with Tulle

Putting the numeral that represents the age that the child is completing is a way to make the Minnie centerpiece personalized. It’s a simple touch, but it makes all the difference.

Use EVA with glitter to highlight the small details and gain the attention of the guests.

Minnie Mouse Table Decoration with Plush

Pink Minnie table ornament with crepe paper

Pink Minnie table ornament with pink crepe paper pompom

The Minnie Baby party has a lot of pink, usually in more pastel tones as this theme is widely used in celebration of a birthday.

Using the printed character image is a great idea to add a special touch without having to spend a lot. Before the custom ones became so popular, this type of ornament was made only with EVA, which gives a lot of work.

Pink Minnie table ornament with EVA appliqués

The tin buckets are beautiful and you can find a wide variety of sizes. The bigger, the more your Minnie table ornament will attract attention. Afterwards, it ends up turning into a broken door.

You can fill it with candies and sweets or just put paper to make volume and fit the other elements.

If you want to add an even more delicate touch, our tip is to wrap the barbecue sticks with light pink satin ribbon or in a darker shade to contrast with the other ornaments.

Minnie Mouse Table Decoration


The decoration of the red Minnie party is classic and that’s why you can easily find many table centerpieces. See the inspirations we have prepared to compose your party:

Red Minnie table ornament with yellow flowers

This is the type of ornament that works as a souvenir and is a souvenir that the guests do not have the courage to throw away after the party. Inside the cachepot you can place the natural flower of your choice, so the ornament will be used to decorate the guest’s home as well.

It is important to invest in a flower that has roots. The cheapest options only have flowers and leaves, this causes the plant to wilt and spoil quickly. With roots the guest can even replant and is a souvenir that will last for many years.

Red Minnie table ornament with ribbon bowRed Minnie Table Decoration

The cachepô can be made with the most varied types of material. The most durable is MDF, but it also costs more and that is why most party moms prefer to make the cachepô with paper.

In addition to being more expensive, MDF needs to be painted in the colors of the party decoration, resulting in more manpower. On the other hand, it is a higher quality ornament that the guest can use as a pen holder or a dummy holder.

Red Minnie Table DecorationRed Minnie table ornament with coconut candies

Difficult to find someone who doesn’t like coconut candy. Wrapping the candies in colored crepe paper has been used since the 90s and is still an option today, but in lesser quantity.

Some moms roll other types of candy, but the coconut ones are still the favorites and stoking the will of the guests. Invest in quality coconut candies, preferably those made by hand.

Minnie Mouse Red Gurdanapo Table Ornament

Making the personalized paper napkin holder also works as a centerpiece. The negative side is the height, but in compensation it is a delicate piece that will make the table more charming.

You can make the paper napkin holder with MDF, cardboard or EVA. To make with paper and EVA it is necessary to create a structure so that the ornament does not fall on the table due to the weight of the paper.

Red Minnie table ornament with EVA appliquésRed Minnie table ornament with fabric flowers

Painting MDF red is a big challenge for those who have no experience with painting techniques. It is a difficult color to pick up and get in the vibrant tone. If you are going to make the centerpiece at home, the tip is to buy the water-based latex paint in the desired tone instead of buying the white paint and the pigment separately.

To get the shade of fire red it is necessary to apply several layers of paint, otherwise it will be a shade of dark pink or magenta.

Fabric tulips make the centerpiece much more delicate and beautiful. You can choose a red fabric with white polka dots like the one in the photo or with black polka dots.

Red Minnie Table Decoration Red Minnie table ornament with felt flowers

Did you like our Minnie table decoration inspirations? Have you chosen which one best matches the event you are planning? Leave your comment.

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