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Mickey’s Cake – 78 Inspiring Templates & Simple Step by Step!

The universe of children’s characters often becomes the theme of children’s parties, and a famous character that often appears as the theme of parties is Mickey Mouse. In addition to appearing as a decor theme, the mouse also makes great decorated Mickey cake ideas.

And it doesn’t matter if the idea is to follow the theme or just make a Mickey cake, but to be inspired by the various ideas for a decorated cake. And because of that, the post brings many inspirations!

cake ideas

Decorated Mickey Mouse Cake Pictures and Templates


square whipped cream cake

The square-shaped cake is one of the inspirations and ideas for making a Mickey decorated cake, and in this case the idea was for the cake decorated with whipped cream.

White whipped cream covers the entire top and the top features the character theme decorating the surface, while the sides are decorated in whipped cream in the character’s colors – red, black and yellow.

square american pasta cake

Another version of the square Mickey cake is the American paste decoration.

The cake covered in white American paste forms a neutral base for the decoration, which features American paste Mickey decorating the top and making the cake themed.

cake top

The character decorates the top of the cake

square cake

The cake was decorated in American paste


granulated decorated cake

And if the idea is to make a round cake decorated in a different and simple way, the bet here was for the decoration made with sprinkles.

The round cake was divided into two parts, the base was covered with red sprinkles, representing the character’s clothing, and the rest covered with brown sprinkles, giving the idea of ​​Mickey’s little body.

Chocolate Cake

For those who love a chocolate cake, the inspiration here is to “make your mouth water”.

The cake covered with brigadeiro is simple, and to follow the theme, the idea was to use EVA, as if they were details of the theme character’s body.

simple round cake

Paper plates decorate the top of the cake

cake with name

Birthday Boy Name Customize Simple Cake

round cake ideas


sailor cake

The children’s party can follow a sailor theme and include the Mickey character as part of the decor.

And for those who bet on the theme of the Sailor Mickey Party, the idea here brings a 3-story cake decorated in blue and red colors and with details that refer to the nautical universe.

The top even won the character Mickey dressed in a sailor outfit.

sailor partyThe inspiration for the sailor cake here is a version decorated in an American paste.

In the idea, the base floor was decorated in blue and refers to the sea, while the second floor has a wheel. The top gets an extra detail with Mickey’s head.

cake 2 floors sailor

The yellow and blue cake is decorated with nautical themes.

cake 3 floors sailor

The character’s ears decorate the top


safari cake

Following the idea of ​​mixing themes, the proposal here brings a mix of safari party and Mickey party, which allows the idea of ​​making a Mickey cake following the safari proposal.

In this case, the 2-story cake features each floor decorated in an animal print style, while Mickey biscuit dolls and characters from his class appear decorating the top and the space between floors.

mickey safari cake

The idea for Mickey’s cake here brings a 3-story version decorated with zebra print, giraffe and little Mickey heads.

The decorated cake still has green leaves representing the jungles, and the head of the theme character decorating the top of the cake, and dressed as if he were a hunter.

cake 3 floors safari

Each layer of the cake bears an animal print

2-story safari cake

The cake was decorated in ocher tones

safari party

2 floors

wedding cake

And whoever believes that Mickey’s cake is just an inspiration for children’s parties is wrong, the character can also be a theme to decorate the wedding cake.

For the cake, the idea was to use a 2-story model decorated in white American paste, and with the couple’s coat of arms and initials decorating the top floor.

The Mickey theme appears at the top with the character’s head and Minnie with a wedding veil decorating the cake.

2 floors of whipped cream cake

Among the different ideas for the decorated cake, the inspiration here brings the idea of ​​using whipped cream to decorate the sweet.

The 2-story cake had the base floor decorated in yellow, while the top floor was decorated with red whipped cream.

2 tier custom cake

The birthday boy’s name and age decorate the cake

cake decorated with plaques

Paper cake tops decorate the candy

3 floors

3 story themed cake

Large parties allow you to use a large cake, like the 3-story version, to highlight the main table and still be enough to serve all the guests.

As an idea for a 3-story Mickey cake, each layer brings a style of decoration, namely:

  1. The base layer was decorated in American red paste and refers to the character’s clothes;
  2. The middle floor brings elements that represent the character;
  3. And the top floor was decorated with a chevron print and got Mickey’s head decorating the top.

modern cake

If the proposal is to follow the idea of ​​a modern cake for Mickey’s theme, this proposal is perfect!

The 3-story cake refers to the idea of ​​a painting being made on the cake, including a floor that refers to the proposal of a blackboard.

3 story themed cake

Each floor has been decorated in a unique style.

3 tier cake american paste

Each floor follows a color

With Rice Paper

round cake with rice paper

A simple way to make a themed cake is to use rice paper as part of the decoration, and this simple cake shows just that idea.

In the proposal, the round cake received a rice paper that decorates the entire surface of the cake and the sides gained a white whipped cream detail, keeping the idea of ​​the decoration simple.

rectangular cake with rice paper

The rectangular cake can also be decorated with rice paper, as this idea shows.

Red and black icing decoration covers the sides of the candy and matches the character’s colors, keeping the decoration in harmony.

red decorated cake

The cake gained details in red whipped cream

ideas for cake with rice paper

Of American Pasta

simple american paste cake

The cake decorated with American paste allows for countless possibilities, and in this case the idea was to follow a simple and beautiful decoration!

The round cake was covered in red and gained details that refer to the theme character, as well as Mickey’s little head that decorates the top.

mickey blue cake

And for those looking for ideas for a blue Mickey cake, this inspiration brings a great idea!

The candy was all covered in blue American paste and won the character’s face decorating the front of the cake and keeping the idea of ​​the themed candy.

American round cake

The birthday boy’s name and age decorate the top

red cake

The character’s head decorates the top

american pasta cake ideas

Whipped Cream / Glaze Simple

whipped cream cake

To follow the idea of ​​a themed and simple cake, it is worth betting on simple solutions, such as the icing made of red whipped cream and paper plates forming the character on the cake.

The simple idea is beautiful and is an option for those who want to be inspired by options to make at home.

icing cake

The cake covered and decorated with frosting appears in this proposal mixing the character’s base colors – black, yellow and red.

To highlight Mickey’s idea of ​​a cake, the proposal here features a paper cake topper decorating the top and enhancing the proposal for a themed cake.

simple decorated cake

The colors red and yellow are interspersed in the cake decoration

simple round cake

The pastry tip was used in the cake decoration

ideas cake decorated with whipped cream

With Kit Kat

Kit Kat cake

Kit Kat’s cake is beautiful to the eyes and palate, and it becomes a great option to make a different Mickey cake.

To assemble the character’s head, the idea was to make a larger, round cake, and two smaller options that represent the character’s ears.

The sides were covered with Kit Kat, while the surface was still decorated referring to the character.

simple kit kat cake

And if the idea is to make a simple Mickey cake using Kit Kat, the inspiration brings a round cake model with chocolates covering the side.

On top, brigadeiros wrapped in sprinkles in the character’s color decorate the surface of the cake, as well as the cake tops.

Mickey head shape cake

The surface was covered and decorated with granules

Kit Kat's Cake Ideas

Mickey and Minnie

shared cake

If the idea is to make a shared party for the couple of brothers, the inspiration here brings the proposal of a shared Mickey cake.

The sweet decorated in American paste brings half decorated with Mickey character and the other half with Minnie, thus serving the brothers.

Minnie and Mickey simple cake

A simpler inspiration for Mickey and Minnie’s cake is this idea of ​​the cake decorated with frosting in the characters’ base colors – black, white and red.

To refer to the theme, the top won the characters made of paper.

simple minnie and mickey cake

The rice paper brings the two characters

Mickey and Minnie whipped cream cake

The white cover highlights the decor

  Minnie and Mickey american pasta cake

The little mice’s heads decorate the top


baby whipped cream cake

If the idea is to make a messy cake for babies, the proposal here brings the idea of ​​a cake decorated in blue whipped cream and with a cake topper made of paper characters and in the baby version.

baby cake

The inspiration for Mickey baby’s cake here is a 2-story cake decorated with American paste and in pastel tones, keeping the idea of ​​a cake for babies.

cake 2 floors mickey baby

The cake top brings Mickey baby

cake 1 year

The American blue paste covers the candy

baby cake

Baby cake can be used to celebrate the messenger

blue cake ideas

How to Make Mickey’s Cake: Step by Step with Recipe

And for those who love to learn and see new ideas for cake decorating, the walkthrough brings you a simple way to make Mickey’s cake.

step by step

  • Make the cake batters of the desired flavor and fill them to assemble the cake;
  • Start covering the cake with whipped cream,
  • Cover the entire cake with whipped cream;
  • Separate M&Ms or two-size chocolate chips to assemble Mickey’s face; the smaller ones should be used on the ears and the larger one forming the little head;

how to make

  • Decorate the entire top of the cake with the character’s face;
  • And don’t forget to decorate the sides too.

Now just enjoy the inspirations and have a beautiful decorated cake!

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